Eurogamer: SPOGS Racing Review

Eurogamer writes: "I'm rather disappointed that the top-tier 1000-Point price-tag seems to have become the default for WiiWare games. It's hardly a surprise - human nature being what it is - but even so, with each new batch that arrives, the fond memories of LostWinds and My Life as a King drift further and further away. I thought the 1000-Point screensaver that was My Pokémon Ranch was bad, but little did I know that SPOGS Racing was waiting in the wings.

This is, without question, the worst racing game I've played in - ooh - at least a decade. Seriously. I know that hyperbole is the internet's best friend, and there's an unwritten rule that anything that vaguely disappoints must be colourfully compared to the experience of watching Hitler's ghost sodomising a beloved childhood pet, but SPOGS Racing really is that bad."

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TheDeadMetalhead3742d ago

Such a huge, crap covered bomb... :(