G4TV Hands-On: 'SOCOM: Confrontation'

G4 TV writes: "A lot of hardcore SOCOM fans are anxiously waiting for the franchises debut on the PlayStation 3, SOCOM: Confrontation. The multiplayer only version of the game is looking good and boasts a player count of 32 for 16 on 16 battles.

We spent about an hour with the game and kitted up with a bunch of Slant Six's playtesters. They were definitely much better than we were and admittedly, we weren't huge SOCOM players back in the day. Getting the PlayStation 2 online was a hassle and we were already playing on Xbox Live and our PC's.

So how did SOCOM: Confrontation play?"

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PoSTedUP3793d ago

a console that didnt have socom : P

Kleptic3793d ago

I never played much socom last least online...Socom 1's single player was pretty fun though...

don't know what to think of this yet...that sixaxis leaning thing has me a little could definitely break the game if its not done sometimes the game looks great, and other times it looks like trash...not that that will make a huge difference either way...but with so many great shooters on the table for the next couple months...I am still yet to consider this a buy...

PoSTedUP3793d ago

yea its never too late. but this is more for the fans cause its online only ya know, socom fans loved the online aspect cause it was the greatest thing to us. it still is and the fans cant wait for it. this franchise is 10million strong so you already know its gunna move consoles.

LevDog3793d ago

Another Socom Preview by a none Socom fan...

I cant wait for a real preview

PimpHandHappy3793d ago

thats funny because after you where signed up it was a single button press to get online

fast login i think it was called! O button

G4TV needs to get real gamers to test these real franchise games!

PimpHandHappy3793d ago

Socom was never a great looking game...

Socom was all about gameplay and it ruled at that!

Its why i already know it wont look like COD but it will be the best looking Socom ever

mariusmal3793d ago

yeah it was never about graphics. socom2 still is one of my favorite games.

PimpHandHappy3793d ago

if u cant lean using the pad that will ruin the game!

Socom was all about leaning around corners and if these fools dont let me use the pad i will be very pissed

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