Is Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Really Necessary

As the tumultuous excitement from Fallout 4’s announcement was dying down, Sony took the opportunity to jump on the hype train with their own announcement. On top of unveiling the box art for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, they slyly included another announcement.

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madmonkey012303d ago

not necessary, but very welcome.

Death2303d ago

I'll go as far to say it is necessary. With the crazy success of the PS4 there are many new gamers that never had a chance to play. The collection is a great addition to the consoles library and will give new gamers a chance to catch up before the new game drops.

nicksetzer12303d ago

I've already beat them each at least once, but I am definitely buying this to freshen up on the story and get ready for UC4. Not to mention get an early snippet of the MP beta for UC4.

I really hope they do this remaster some major justice and do more than just an upscale like with tlou:rem. Either way will be part of my library.

LOGICWINS2303d ago

Same. This generation of consoles is more mainstream than ever and most mainstream gamers don't know what Uncharted is...hell most PS3 owners didn't buy an Uncharted game(I already know I'm going to get disagrees for this even though its true)

This collection will bring new fans to the series and more sales for Uncharted 4. Personally, I'm buying it as I'm itching to replay the series with the visual improvements.

Enemy2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

It is absolutely necessary considering:

1. Not everyone who has a PS4 has a PS3
2. This is the first time we're getting these games in 1080p/60fps? Why else?

Most of the people that complain about remaster assume everyone has already played these games, which is always a mistake, and these people really need to stfu.

SniperControl2303d ago

Even us old PS3 gamers get to play the games at [email protected], i own all three games on PS3, but will be def getting this day one.

Army_of_Darkness2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Going back to uncharted drakes fortune without all that screen tearing,Uncharted 2's awesome train sequence at 60fps is gonna be sweeeeet!
Personally, having a higher resolution with double the frame rate makes a Huge difference too me even if there is no added content.

someOnecalled2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

funny how before 1080p60fps wasnt needed, bc not needed, and when ever you brought it up fanboys constantly said thats why they held on their ps3. how things change.

how fanboys will do gymnastics for sony. all this buying remasters they could of spend more money on a console with bc. but just like paid mp they will make an excuse for sony. notice how sony slipped how they charging for online by downplaying drm that MS was doing at e3( i wonder what would happen if sony went first). they slick and know how to misdirect their customers.

at least its 3 games except one like the other one. but lets just say that one is perfect too, just because it gotta live up to the sony gold standard.

freshslicepizza2302d ago

from the article,
"What happens if the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection ends up pulling a Halo: The Masterchief Collection and being a relatively unplayable mess?"

they stripped the online play so chances are there won't be any issues.

yes these re-releases are necessary because consumers buy them. if there is a demand then you fill that demand. what's the problem? why is it ok to update your movie collection but not your videogame collection?

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Afreelunch2303d ago

Especially if you never had a PS3, but got a PS4. Definitely an easier (not to mention enhanced) alternative to buying/borrowing a ps3 and all 3 uncharted games.

sprinterboy2302d ago

Neither agree or disagree, very tempted just too see UC1 remaster out of all them tbh

Gazondaily2303d ago

If youre one of those that, like many this gen, made the jump from the 360 to Sony's new platform, and haven't had a chance to sample this, then yes, you should really strongly consider buying one of the highest rated games of last gen. They are a gem.

And I wouldn't be too disappointed with the lack of MP on this. Uncharted has always primarily been about its visuals, top notch voice acting and excellent SP campaign.

madmonkey012303d ago

i had them on ps3, and for me they are still welcome once again, it has been a good few years since i played them so they will feel fairly fresh. and like you said in my opinion they were more about the excellent single player campaign.
i know a couple of people that never got round to playing them last gen and are quite looking forward to getting another chance to play them.

agentxk2303d ago

I do absolutely agree, if you haven't played these yet, it's an awesome chance. Unfortunately all of us that have will probably buy it again too. :/

JoeMcCallister2303d ago

This explains me perfectly - I was actually just looking for a way to play MGS 2/3/4 before V this Sept and it's just a wasteland and one of the times I wish there was a nice remaster done for those. The Uncharted pack is definitely not necessary, but welcome as madmonkey01 said, and I'll definitely check it out.

raWfodog2303d ago

Joe, I assume you mean MGS2/3/4 specifically on PS4 correct? Cause they have the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection available for PS3. All the Metal Gears in one package, many of them HD versions.

JoeMcCallister2302d ago

@raWfodog - yeah, didn't have a PS3 and don't necessarily want to go out and purchase outdated hardware for one to two franchises - but I was aware of that package. They even had MGS 4 on PS Now which would've been nice but nothing now :(

-Foxtrot2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

"And I wouldn't be too disappointed with the lack of MP on this"

Why not? It was fantastic and the fact they never put it in is unbelievable. If Golden Abyss was in this fair enough but just the three games with only their campaigns.

Going after those who jumped ship from the 360 is a good move but adding multiplayer from the Uncharted 2 days or Golden Abyss could have brought more people in resulting in better sales

They dropped the ball big time

LOGICWINS2303d ago

Eh...I don't see the point personally. I'd rather they put that time/energy into making UC4 MP a better version of UC2's MP.

-Foxtrot2303d ago


I would love that...but I know that's highly unlikely.

They'll add onto Uncharted 3 :|

ginsunuva2302d ago

You realize that would involve keeping the servers up to date, which they don't want cause it costs more money.

gangsta_red2303d ago

A lot of people enjoyed the MP in Uncharted. I know I will get disagreed to hell but I actually like the MP from part 3 more than 2.

Adding MP would have been a great move and it would have reminded a lot of players on what they could expect or want ND to keep or remove for their included beta of part 4.

This collection just doesn't feel complete and all it does is leave more room for Sony to make a "The Complete Collection" down the road for more of a type of cash grab.

-Foxtrot2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

"Sony to make a "The Complete Collection" down the road for more of a type of cash grab"

This is what I'm expecting to be honest

Uncharted 1-3
Drakes Fortune with a good facelift
Multiplayer from Uncharted 2 including U3 maps
Golden Abyss included
Exclusive Golden Abyss stuff for Multiplayer
U4 maps can be downloaded for this games multiplayer

It's going to look a little silly at E3 when Microsoft announce the Gears of War collection with all three Marcus games with an huge online mode.

MasterCornholio2303d ago


"It's going to look a little silly at E3 when Microsoft announce the Gears of War collection with all three Marcus games with an huge online mode."

And if its just remaster of the first game like the rumours are claiming?

gangsta_red2303d ago


Supposedly it will just be the Gears 1 remastered and if that's the case that is just as bad.

As I have mentioned just having Gears 1 MP is unacceptable, I want all maps, all modes and all all features from part 2 and 3.

MasterCornholio2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )


"Supposedly it will just be the Gears 1 remastered and if that's the case that is just as bad."

Um its a remaster of one game versus a collection of three. In my opinion its worse.

But I personally dont believe that either is bad. That will depend on the price more than anything.

gangsta_red2303d ago


But at least it will have multiplayer. I am hoping that MS will include the multiplayer of part 3 with all the maps from the trilogy and the modes (HORDE MODE).

But if that multiplayer is just from part one then will definitely be on par with worse.

MasterCornholio2302d ago


"But at least it will have multiplayer."

Let me put it this way.

Gears of War multiplayer VS Uncharted 4s multiplayer beta.

Which is better?

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JamesBroski2303d ago

The thing is, the multiplayer was one of the best of the PS3. So not including it, especially with the lack of good first-party multiplayer on the console is a joke.

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Rimeskeem2303d ago

Depends who you ask.

If you never played Unharted but plan to play Uncharted 4 I say it is definitely needed.

uth112303d ago

Remember last year when TLOU:R came out, Sony's data showed that half the PS4 user base didn't own a PS3. There's a large market of people who haven't played these yet so they are necessary to get more people pumped for UC4