R&C Quest for Booty review

Gaming blog writes:

"I received playable code of R&C Quest for Booty (QFB) almost immediately after the E3 announcement, but decided to wait with playing until I finished Tools of Destruction. I did this morning, and immediately launched QfB. About five hours later, I watched the end credits roll. So… is this bite sized 'movie length' R&C any good?"

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fenderputty3767d ago

"The good: Ratchet and Clank are back. Great graphics. Lots of character.

The bad: Very short. Not many guns. Small areas. Story conclusion just another setup for the sequel."

Ok ... does this guy realize the game is 15$ and is being sold in installments? Even if it is only 5 hours long, that's almost as much as a fully priced HS. Not to mention that if you multiply the game by 4 (60$) it would equal 20 hours of gameplay for the full price. (not bad) What's his deal with another cliff hanger ending? IT'S FREAKING EPISODIC CONTENT!

It does suck that we don't get to carry over the weapons from Tools though.

butterfinger3767d ago

especially mediocre reviews from no-name sites for games that we all know will be good. We loved Tools of Destruction, and I'm sure we will love Quest for Booty for what it's worth as well.

fenderputty3767d ago

sweating it. I'm soo pumped for this game. TOD was awesome. I played the hell out of it with the GF. This game and LBP will keep me gaming more beacuse the GF can play and enjoy it with me.

I just thought it was funny he called the game short when it's known that this is just a short episode and only costs 1/4 the price of a full game.

Gadget733767d ago

It's just one opinion. Play the game and form your own. But play it first.

Gadget733766d ago

No, it's not. Reviews usually come before release, remember?