TrackMania 2.11.13 Patch Released

Avid Gamer writes:

"TrackMania Forever doesn't seem to be losing its appeal anytime soon. Thankfully the developers feel the same way. They've sent out a small patch (3.99megs) to address some minor bug fixes, bringing the game up to version 2.11.13.

There are two variations, one for the paid 'TrackMania United Forever' and the other, the free TrackMania Nations Forever. Make sure you pick up the correct patch and the previous update."

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ice_prophecy3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

What is this track mania?

Is it free?

Is it a sim or an arcade racer?

Actually nevermind. Google is our friend.

Zerodin3764d ago

It's like that old game "Stunts", but without the fun.

TheIneffableBob3764d ago

Trackmania Nations Forever is free, is an arcade racer, and is very addicting.

kwicksandz3765d ago

360 Pad + Steam FTW!

i played the free version and liked it so much i bought the whole game. its an arcade racer where you compete against time to complete tracks doing crazy stunts and stuff.

hano3764d ago

Do yourself a favor and try it.