GWN Preview: Saints Row 2


''Most people remember Saints Row as the Grand Theft Auto clone, just like most people remember Crackdown for having the Halo 3 beta attached to it. What most people don't remember was just how fun Crackdown was except those who actually used the disc for something other than making sure a slightly broken game got fixed, just like those who played Saints Row had a good time with it and are looking forward to its sequel.

Saints Row 2 takes place five years after the first game leaves off, players awaken from a coma only to find out that everything that happened five years earlier has gone to hell. The Saints have dispersed and Stilwater is now split between three different gangs. It's the player's job to get the Saints back together and take back the city.

The first thing I noticed from Saints Row 2 was that it isn't like GTA IV, in that it isn't a serious game with humorous undertones. It's an over-the-top explosive extravaganza that can be as serious or funny as you like, and this all happens based on what customizations you make.
Let's look at character customization first. It's not the best ever, but it works and is detailed, similar to Rock Band's.''

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QueefyB3793d ago

the ps3 version is of course superior in many ways

Harry1903793d ago

Again you? Strange coincidence,very strange.

QueefyB3793d ago

true hi definition graphics

QueefyB3793d ago

faster loading times due to a standard hard disk

QueefyB3793d ago

and many more things make the ps3 version much more superior

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