WorthPlaying Preview - 'NBA Live 09'

WorthPlaying writes: "For a long time, the tale of two basketball franchises has been that 2K makes the best hoops sim, while EA's NBA Live series has been its faster-paced, but not-as-intricate rival.

One thing I enjoyed about the Live series was its speed. While the 2K games certainly had the advantage from an Xs and Os and execution standpoint, the Live series (at least to me) was particularly good at capturing the sometimes-frenetic pace of an NBA game, where you're not really bogged down by a litany of controls and offensive sets. The game understood that sometimes, you just play. That's it, and that's all.

That's the feeling I got when I played a little bit of NBA Live 09, which has a chance to be the title that puts the Live franchise on equal footing with - if not surpass - 2K's efforts, at least in terms of on-court experience. I managed to squeeze in a game using the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Philadelphia 76ers and the newly acquired Elton Brand. I picked the Cavs because, well, I'm from Ohio, and that other than Kobe Bryant, Bron Bron is probably the best player to use when you're still figuring out what the hell you're doing."

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avacadosnorkel3792d ago

NHL 09
Madden 09

...all will represent the best the sport has to offer.

EA SPORTS made a stunning turn around.