Sony says non-exploding lithium polymer laptop batteries coming soon

You can bet Sony's got tons of engineers working on the problem of how to keep their laptop batteries from exploding. In a meeting with reporters on Wednesday, Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow mentioned that laptop manufacturers are likely to switch from lithium ion batteries to lithium polymer sometime in the near future. The advantage of lithium polymer apparently is that the lithium is contained in gel packs, which can be squeezed into random spaces (instead of being cramped into compact cells), and thus apparently doesn't have the propensity to, um, explode.

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drewdrakes6201d ago

The term un-blow-up-able is thrown around a lot these days, but I can say with total confidence that they can do it.

Smellslikepie6201d ago

Of course they can. Only a small percentage of the batteries that THEY used were faulty (I'm going to try and skip past the amount of Dell and Toshiba batteries Sony did :P). I think it affected two models of their laptops. My Sony Vaio has been absolutely perfect.

PS360PCROCKS6200d ago

"Sony says non-exploding lithium polymer laptop batteries coming soon" Lol this headline made me laugh, not sure why...everyone rejoice, non exploding batteries coming! woo hoo! lol j/k

PS360PCROCKS6200d ago

Oh and yeah my friend has a Vaio and has no problems as well


This Untitled Goose Fan-Made Game Will Mess up Your Desktop

Desktop Goose game is an experience for Windows that is available on Itch.io and all it does is conjure up a cute little goose that lives on your computer.

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Indie Freebies: Eight Millimeters and Others

This week’s highlighted Indie Freebies are Eight Millimeters, an interactive alien invasion documentary; TRY. DIE. REPEAT., a puzzle platformer where death is your friend; and The Littlest Penguin, a rather psychotic adventure game.

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The Sword of Oz Launches on Wii | PS3 | DS | PSP | PC

NextGenBooks.com today announces the release of The Sword of Oz for PC, Wii, DS, PS3 and PSP. Written by best selling fantasy author Darren Reid, The Sword of Oz is an epic fantasy prequel to L. Frank Baum's masterpiece The Wizard of Oz and explores the Oz's tragic past.

The Sword of Oz is an interactive ebook which allows readers to choose the course of their adventure. Featuring a multi-branching story, The Sword of Oz merges book and videogame with literally dozens of possible combinations that create a vibrant and vividly imagined world for players to experience. The Sword of Oz is an epic fantasy adventure which tells a part of Oz's history that has thus far not been chronicled.

Written as a companion piece to the original L. Frank Baum novels, The Sword of Oz chronicles Oz in the days before the wicked witches overthrew the old king of Oz and created the world Baum describes in his original works. Arthur Gale (the future grandfather of a rather famous citizen from Kansas) is the character through which this new chapter in Oz's history is experienced. The Sword of Oz is a multi-branching adventure in which the reader can choose which adventures they wish to see Arthur embark upon. The different paths through the narrative vary widely but are also closely connected so that events not directly experienced by a reader in one sitting still affect those in the adventure they choose to experience.

Two further episodes are planned in the Dark Witches of Oz trilogy and have been given the working titles The Empire of Oz and The Rise of the Dark Witch of Oz. A novelised version of these stories and the series has been mooted as possibility by Reid in the future. A spin off PC adventure game entitled The Sword of Oz: The Emerald Ring is also in development and when a suitable publishing partners are found further announcements will be made about these upcoming project.

Darren Reid is a Scottish fantasy author whose first novel, The Lord of Darkness and Shadow: The Chronicles of the Shadow Book One, was released at the beginning of 2006. This book was the first in a series of fantasy/science fiction cross over novels that fused fantasy with science fiction, horror and simple human drama. 2006 also saw the first media adaptation of one of Darren’s work with the release of Cell. It was developed by Parsec award winning audio-book creators Variant Frequencies and is currently in negotiations to be turned into a comic book.

The Sword of Oz is out now and is available exclusively at www. NextGenBooks.com and for a limited time is completely free.

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achira6161d ago

who needs the xbox360, noone.

nice_cuppa6161d ago

its true.
otherwise i would...


Harry6161d ago

A man can wash another man in the merry old land of Oz.

FirstknighT6161d ago

There are no swords in the world of OZ!!!!!! Only flying monkeys, tinmen, scarecrows, talking lions, and of course...munchkins!

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