GAME Launch E3 Hub, Pre Order Games as they are announced

GAME launches a dedicated E3 hub, bringing the UK community all the latest news from the event in LA and the chance to pre-order hotly anticipated games as soon as they are announced.

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Mikefizzled2170d ago

The epitome of consumerism

PCGamingNoobs2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Game the only shop to sell second hand games for more than brand new.

Zichu2170d ago

I don't buy from GAME, their prices are ridiculous. I just looked up Bloodborne. It's £49.99, brand new. £42.99, preowned.

I can get it off Amazon, brand new, for £36...

I prefer any other site than GAME.

spacedelete2170d ago

its 55 in store. online is 50. prices like that are the reason i've stopped buying games and just playing my backlog.

Zichu2170d ago

£55 in store O.o

That's an absolute **** take. I can't believe so many people still buy games from them. I've been in there to look around, compare prices, just general browsing. It's always packed in there and people are always buying stuff.

I can understand a lot of people are very misinformed and don't bother looking anywhere else, but you can definitely save a lot of money by shopping online or even get a few games extra for the same price they are paying throughout the year.

pompombrum2170d ago

Lol why do you think GAME keep doing deals to get exclusive editions for their stores? Only way they can get smart gamers to go into their stores.

ThichQuangDuck2170d ago

Interesting for limited editions but standard editions no reason to instant preorder

dimasok2170d ago

The Game. Ignore the hub as the games are announced.

roguedragon12170d ago

Dont even get me started on my hate for game man do they the piss, they are so bad every time I trade in there I have get them to check cex's prices so they can bump up the exchange rate. Bunch of greedy bastards.