Jolt Uk Review: Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

Jolt Uk:

''Trying to break into the world of DragonBall Z is a bit like trying to break into a bank vault using your forehead. Eventually you might make a dent in the damn thing, but by that point it's too late for your precious grey matter or the sanity of the bank's manager. It does more harm than it's worth, better left to those dedicated enough to bother. It's always been the same case for the DBZ games, so has the tragically named Burst Limit been able to break the mould and bring Akira Toriyama's mammoth anime and manga series to the masses?

Of course it hasn't, don't be silly. DragonBall Z: Burst Limit is as utterly confounding as ever, perfectly happy to leave gamers without encyclopaedic knowledge of Saiyans, Senzu Beans and Saibamen to their confusion. Thankfully, the Z Chronicles single player campaign goes through the storylines of three sagas from the series, stringing along the memorable fights on a threadbare plot, just enough to keep DBZ virgins (not the fans) aware of a semblance of storyline. Not that it makes sense.''

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