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Simon Fong reviews Futuridium on PS4, the latest iteration of the popular ios and Vita old-school twitch shooter.

"Futuridium won’t be for everyone, and its high level of difficulty will more than likely split players right down the middle. Those expecting an easy-going, colorful space shooter or a free-roaming experience will come away disappointed. But old-school gaming purists will be right at home with its focus on high-scores, speed-runs and constant restarts."

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Lon3wolf2204d ago

"If you’re wondering why I’m talking about 64-bit games released over 30 years ago"

I am as they must of been incredibly rare :D

In all seriousness loved uridium on my 64 in the day also Alleykat also by Braybrook :D

ContinuePlay2203d ago

I think he probably meant 64k... I'll speak to him!