Does Brianna Wu really know what Gamers wants?

Just recently indie developer Brianna Wu made some really tasty statements about what Gamers wants and doesn't want, and what´s needed to be done in order to take games (and the games industry) to the next level of epicness.

Miss Wu also spoke up about sexism in video games and the lack of none sexualized female protagonists. So this is my (Robin Ek The Gaming Ground) thoughts and opinions on this matter.

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-Foxtrot1233d ago

God no

She's an attention seeker. Rants about sexism within video games and how all gamers (who don't agree with her) are misogynists yet does shit like this

She's a hypocrite, nothing more.

TGG_overlord1233d ago

True that. I have never seen that picture before though. Is it made by her or someone else? Or did you just make a joke about "Revolution 60"? :P