2K Games not improving BioShock visuals for PS3 version

Some bad news for PS3 owners hoping for some improvements in the graphics department for upcoming shooter BioShock. Publisher 2K Games has confirmed to that it's concentrating on matching, not bettering the visuals seen in the Xbox 360 version.

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MaximusPrime3739d ago

im not interested in the game but fair enough.

i_eatbreakfast4lunch3739d ago

its hard to make the graphics better for a system thats harder to dev for

to be honest

ChampIDC3739d ago

It's also hard to make the graphics better when they were already just about top of the line.

ape0073739d ago

is that your true thoughts

or just because of ps3 vs 360 bla,bla,bla

man will this people ever grow up

fantastic game

you'll be fully immersed into the world of bioshock

Shortstop3739d ago

Though it is easier to make the graphics better for the more powerful system.

ape0073739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )


double post

tplarkin73739d ago

Ports on PS3 are often uglier and chuggier. We'll be lucky if it looks and plays the same.

StephanieBBB3739d ago

Can't understand what you people see in this game. I've been watching alot of gameplay footage of it and im not impressed of the graphics nor intrieged by the gameplay or story.

MGS4 has much better graphics than this and the gameplay is ten times more satisfying.

It feels like the only people that promotes this game is people that have bought this after halo 3 and if you compare those too I can understand why you think that Bioshock is the new revolution of gaming.

shine13963739d ago

the visuals were already good for me on the 360, the cinematography was brilliant, just concentrate on the the things we're not likely to notice, and keep adding to things in the background, cause that's where I'd rather the push the ps3. still going to be a first day buy for me.

Overr8ed3739d ago

the Devs did say that the Graphics are about thee same but the Ps3 version is going to be in a high res.

cyclindk3739d ago

"Though it is easier to make the graphics better for the more powerful system."

I agree, the PS3 has more power to wield, but it doesn't work that depends on the nature of the architecture of the system and dev familiarity with that architecture that determines quality of output; PS3 has new, unfamiliar architecture.

vickers5003739d ago


Seriously, if you've never played the game, then don't speak about it. You obviously know nothing about BioShock so why comment about it? Aside from MGS4, BioShock is considered to have the best story this gen (and imo its better than mgs4, but thats just me).

Don't post your uninformed opinions, they are worthless.

JsonHenry3739d ago

The game looked crazy good on the 360 already. On the PC it was mediocre at release compared to other PC games though..

TVC153738d ago

Bioshock, GTA IV and probably MGS4 (haven't played it yet)

are my favorite games of this gen and have my favorite storylines.

Bioshock was just brilliant and fun. For me, it was all about the exploration, and all the audio things you'd find were just amazing to find and listen to.

Bloodwar3738d ago

You make not a damn bit of sense.. I guess since the PS3 version is in "high res" I guess the Xbox 360 version is in High Definition. Take your fanboy comment else where... you had no clue how to even pronounce definition and you must not have been able to spell resolution. Its okay. You are forgiven; now go back to your room.

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paul_war3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

The better PS3 visuals for Bioshock argument was getting thrown arround a lot here, lets hope they can match the 360 version.

Even if it does come off worse this is still a great game, highly recomended.

gw4k3739d ago

If 2k can at least match the 360 graphics I think customers will be happy.

It is about time us PS3 owners have a game that looks as good as the 360!

Jamie Foxx3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

do you actually realise how unintelligent your comment was?

guess youve never played uncharted,ratchet or MGS4 on your so called 'ps3'

ChampIDC3739d ago

Yeah, saying PS3 hasn't had games looking as good as 360 games is just stupid. I'm sure the PS3 version will be on par with the 360, or maybe just very slightly lower if they have a little trouble with the development, but I doubt it'll be noticably different.

hi-tower3739d ago

Why are devs so scared of making a game as good as it can be? That surely is what everybody wants, lets push the boundaries, lets see exactly what is possible? Not hide behind these childish 'it will only be as good as'...'we can't make it any better than'...

When these comments come out it just sounds like they are simply out to rinse gamers...'We can't be bothered with this to be honest, just going to do the minimum we have to so no-one will complain too much, then get it out there and go have a bath in all our money.'

badz1493739d ago

I've expected something like this, hell it's like common sense! have anybody played Lost Planet PS3? they can only improve so much from the original of 360! why? it's not that the PS3 is not capable of doing better but really, why do they want to do that?? they don't even have to because the game itself is already highly acclaimed with the way it is! so, the smart thing to do is to make a successful port and add some extra and trophies to lure gamers to buy it on PS3 even if it's being released after more than a year later than the 360! polishing everything will cost more money and what's the point of making multiplat if you're going to churn out more money out of your pocket just to satisfy some whinning graphical whores? Bioshock is a GREAT game, period! I've played it on PC and it's higly recommended for all gamers! cheers!

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Expy3739d ago

At this point, nobody really cares how "ports" look anymore. Gamers know that thee games are being ported from other machines and that isn't the most optimal way of "improving" visuals.

We all know that the first parties will be the ones to take full advantage of the systems hardware, it shouldn't come to a surprise that these other 3rd parties won't make the effort to push the hardware.

Still a good title going to the Playstation 3 with additional content built-in.

SilPho3739d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. As long as this port isn't unplayable and ugly as sin, I'll definitely be venturing in to Rapture.

ChampIDC3739d ago

No need for another Orange Box...that's for sure. I think PS3 owners wouldn't complain much if the graphics end up slightly toned down somehow as long as the game isn't broken.

socomnick3739d ago

yea guys even with worse graphics its still probably the best game on the ps3. It is the single best game I have played in over 10 years. Amazing work of art.

Truplaya3739d ago

i bet he played on different TV at different res. I played it through 3 times and never noticed the jaggies he speaks of.
If it looks the same or better who cares, still a gorgeous game on both systems.

The water, lighting and other effects havent been beaten on any game. And i loved the syling of the whole thing, as you say, it was art.

The story and gameplay is even better than the graphics, PS3 owners are in for a treat.

Ghoul3739d ago

i forgot to lay a dead sheep in front of your cave this morning,
i'll never forget it again so you dont need to come out again.

now back to the cave

thewhoopimen3739d ago

I've played Bioshock on my friends 360 and while I found it immersive, I thought there would be alot more uses of the touted 'water' in the underwater city besides mini-floods and dousing out fire/conducting electricity on enemies. Frankly, Socomnick after comparing water effects of bioshock and then showing my buddy uncharted water effects (going up the river on a jetski) there wasn't much to say that hasn't been done already on the PS3 side. The gameplay is fun but distinctively PC-ish. The graphics looks like it's supposed to be run on your PC rig. Storywise, it is pretty good that you discover the mysteries behind rapture, but with the spawn points, the game was too easy and the "horror" element was greatly diminished.

coolfool3739d ago

Didn't this guy just go on a rant about how great the visuals now are for the PS3 verion?

How could he have seen all that when in actual fact they are the same?

Mr_Showtime13739d ago

even bigger than that, is this developer said they where improving them...

Maldread3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Yeah, i found that strange too.

Well, i guess i`ll see how it turns out when the reviews are in then (if they`re consistent that is). A stable framerate is more important than improving the visuals for me, not that a visual upgrade wouldn`t be appreciated though ;)

Fototherapist3739d ago

I saw the interview on X-play last night and one of the developers stated that they were able to enhance some of the visuals over the 360 version.

coolfool3739d ago

either the websites are posting inaccurate reports or the devs are contradicting themselves....... i guess we will really see when the game is reviewed and released.

In my opinion though, I think the devs would be missing an opportunity by not even attempting to improve visuals to create one, a nice selling feature, and two, make an excellent game as good as it possibly could be.

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