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Chaz at Twinfinite writes,

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking how great it would be to play a game where you’re the immortal ruler of a besieged kingdom taking orders from a giant golden cup, I’ve got some great news. MASSIVE CHALICE, the latest outing from famed indie developer Double Fine Productions, has stepped up to save you. With the same bizarre wit that we’ve come to expect from Double Fine, a dose of dynasty-building, and a heaping helping of strategy, there’s a whole lot filling up this goblet of goodness.

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Palitera1235d ago

From my first play session, it seemed like a really awesome game! I just hoped the walking mechanics were more fluid. It feels like a big waste of time moving the party members one by one when where is nothing else going on.

Anyway, combat is only a portion of the game and I really enjoyed the other parts much more. So many big and relevant decisions.

Kingdomcome2471235d ago

I just downloaded this. Strategy games aren't really my thing typically, but it's free and it's recieving really favorable reviews. I won't be testing it out for some time though, as I've decided to play nothing but The Witcher until Arkham Knight releases.