Let's Play Rogue Legacy on Xbox One

Neil writes "Ready for procedurally generated castles and ninja dwarfs? Let’s Play Rogue Legacy on Xbox One!"

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oKidUKo1238d ago

Old school with new ideas, I've not seen anything like this with a new heir after a death with new skills. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

WizzroSupreme1238d ago

Oo, now I gotta play Rogue Legacy too.

Christopher1238d ago

This is one of those games where if you have 20-30m to play and don't want to tackle your usual AAA title, play this. It's a great game but might drag on for long hours of play and put you off from playing it again. Don't overdo it in one sitting.

l33t_haxx0r1238d ago

Bought on release for PS4, spent many hours playing! Really good game.

Mr Logic1238d ago

Really great game. Happy our Xbox brethren can play it.

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