Wii U’s Splatoon Dominates Major Japanese Retailer’s Top20; Psycho-Pass for Xbox One Fails to Appear

Like every week, the major Japanese retailer Tsutaya was the first to release sales charts for the local market, and this time around they’re quite interesting, as they give the first glimpse on the debut performance of the Wii U exclusive Splatoon.

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Concertoine3285d ago

Vita has really turned around since launch in Japan. If only we'd get more of those japanese games...

Also, i think a lot of people will be eating crow when the Splatoon numbers are out. Like i said, it's a total sleeper hit.

breakpad3285d ago

the game its brilliant (Splatoon) ..just proves that Nintendo's dev teams havent lost their edge and need to be occupied with new IPs also except with the already stuffed Mario and Zelda

BG115793285d ago

Funny thing, the vita is finally getting the success it deserves the moment that Sony decided to do less AAA games for it. It is so strange.

Concertoine3285d ago

The release of the ps4 probably helped a lot, i think

Rookie_Monster3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

By now, I don't think anyone is surprise that any Japanese game failed to appear on XB1 japanese chart. There is no need to put that in the title, Abrial. We all know the xb1 is insignificant in Japan and there is no Need to rub it in in these sensational headlines. Have mercy please!

Glad a Wii U title did good on the chart. Nintendo is always a symbol of Japanese culture in videogame for me.

Maybay3285d ago

This'll encourage Nintendo into trying new things.

What we need from Nintendo now is;

1.)Sport franchises (genuine sports with an ''arcade'' mode).

2.)Story driven thrillers.


wonderfulmonkeyman3285d ago

More Action-Adventure games.
More MMO-sized JRPG'S like Xenoblade X.
More collaborative titles with third parties, like Hyrule Warriors and SMTXFE. (imagine Smash characters in a beat-em-up reminiscient of DMC's combat...)

BigDuo3285d ago

Quite frankly, it will really only encourage Nintendo to try more things, but in the style of the kind of games it likes to make. Notice Splatoon while being a shooter is not a conventional, gritty ,realistic shooter. It's the opposite: Cartoony and bloodless.

Nintendo generally diversifies its software when it occasionally publishes third party developed titles such as Eternal Darkness, Bayonetta 2, Devil's Third The Last Story and so on. These are few in number and for the most part, have generally lacked mainstream appeal.Nintendo's EAD teams are not well known for making story-driven games in general let alone Realistic racing games (not anymore anyway). They could revive something like Wave Racer, but it's easier to sell something that is more marketable such as a spin-off like Mario Golf or Mario & Sonic Olympics. People who primarily buy sports games aren't going to be buying a Nintendo home console for them after all, and the target demographic for games like Mario Sports is naturally a younger audience compared to say, Madden.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3285d ago

2.)Story driven thrillers.

Then been renewing Eternal Darkness IP for awhile now.

WizzroSupreme3285d ago

Nice, very nice. And Splatoon's probably destined to be a franchise before we know it too. It's tons of fun.

richyque3285d ago

What else are they going to play, nintendo is the only company making games for the wii u and thats the way they want it, Splatoon's the only new game that has came out on wii u retail wise in months, so im not shocked at all that its selling decently.

gerbwmu3285d ago

In a month.....XBX just released in Japan at the end of April.

jcnba283285d ago

The point is people said the game wouldn't sell because it wasn't Mario or Zelda.

This is great news hopefully it will push Nintendo continue making other types of games.

Spotie3285d ago

I didn't see any numbers, so how do we know how well it sold? Also, isn't this just for one week?

Dubaman3285d ago

If Splatoon released on Friday and this is an 'end of the week' sales report, so this is just for 2 days - Not a whole week.

BigDuo3285d ago

Uh ... Kirby & the Rainbow Curse came out in Japan in January, then Mario vs. DK and Mario Party 10 in March. After that, Xenoblade X arrived in April and Splatoon obviously came out just a few days ago. July has Yoshi's Wooly World scheduled for release.

Anyway, as far as the Japanese Splatoon launch releases goes, I think the game only sold well because Japanese retailers likely requested low shipments for it. We saw the same thing happen with Xenoblade X yet the game only ended up selling 105k copies in its first 4 weeks of release. Not exactly what I'd call a success.The game also placed much lower on Famitsu' most wanted games chart than Xenoblade X did by the way and X only sold around 80+ copies during its first week sales.

benji1013285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Amazon has the physical and Download code placed first and second on their bestsellers list. Splatoon reportedly did 150K day one in Japan. Dont be so bitter. Also 105K is 5% of the install base the exact same ratio as bloodborne world wide so... I guess that was a failure too.

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