ShockCast Ep. 207 – “Yes, We’re Still Playing The Witcher 3″

The DualShockers crew talk the Witcher 3, digital games and run through the latest headlines in videogames.

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ArchangelMike1234d ago

I'm still going to be playing TW3 for a long time! I'm basically going to play it again at least once to experience different choices and different enginds.

The problem I have is that no matter how I try to simply go from one objective to another, I Always get sidetracked... and I love that and hate that all at the same time. :)

Every other game just fell of mya radar... Batman Arkham Knight pre-order has been put on hold (too much DLC nonsence going on). My next big purchase will br Until Dawn and then MGSV. But dear lord please let Konami not completely ruin it. I have a horrible feelinh they do something like make it episodic or cut the mission up into DLC... I hope not, but I haze zero trust in Konami right now.