Mirror's Edge Interview You showed us a live demo of the game that matches the trailer. Was that because you felt some people didn't believe the trailer showed the game off accurately?

Owen O'Brien: Yes. Absolutely. First of all we said we were going to do a first-person movement game and everyone's going yeah that's not going to work. Then we showed screen shots and everyone said oh they look pretty but they're probably fake. And then we did the video and they go wow it looks really cool but it's probably either a render or like hold aim press fast forward and all those things are happening automatically. So that's the next thing now, to A: convince people it is from a proper game and B: to convince them that the control system is easy and intuitive while still having a lot of skill.

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QueefyB3744d ago

they will utilize the powerful cell processors so this is obviously another superior playstation 3 version