XCOM 2 Officially Announced; First 1080p Screenshots Revealed

As teased in the past few days with the Advent site, today 2K Games officially announced with a press release XCOM 2, sequel to the critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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MrSwankSinatra1261d ago

First Bravely Second localization and now this? Christmas came early.

Massacred1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

2012's Xcom: Enemy Unkown was supremely good. As in top ten 10 best games of 2012 good.

Yet, it still had a a bunch of things missing that were in the original, but were cut here for time or resources. With this sequel hopefully they will get to add in a few more of those classic Xcom features such as; Grenade customization, ammo customization, and creating targeted bio weapons. (Anybody remember the first time you ran into an alien with a shield generator?, good times)

Hopefully we can see the squads bumped to 8 or 6 man squads as well and with any luck they will implement base attacks as well as all the other features that were stripped.

Regardless, Xcom: Enemy Unkown was one of the very few titles that managed to reboot a franchise, work as a sequel and stand alone as an excellent title. Very curious to see all the new stuff they come up with and what they will do with this title.

Side note: (anyone else think its funny they are calling it Xcom 2? Its not really the second title, lol)

Scarfy1261d ago

I'm completely in the minority here, but I didn't care for the remake. It was too dumbed down for my liking. I basically wanted the original game with a lot of 3D polish.

I mean, one Skyranger, one base? Come on!

Takwin1261d ago

It was top 10 games of the last few years for me. Stunningly good reboot and established as a force in the turn-based strategy genre. The only game that trule gives it competition is Fire Emblem, as Heroes of Might and Magic has gone done the Ubisoft rabbit hole.

(I count Civ, Gal Civ, and Endless Legend as more grand TBS, a different beast entirely.)

InTheZoneAC1261d ago

Did you play enemy within?

SolidStoner1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

great news indeed, xcom was one of my favorites last gen.. cant wait to try this one out! unique experience!

EDIT: I didnt play original one, sadly, so sorry for those who wait for more complex and mature games..

but considering that people get more stupid, so do games.. its our fault really!

livininsin1261d ago

For those that haven't seen it yet, the teaser trailer is awesome!

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lelo2play1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

XCOM 2 is automatically one my most expected games of the year.

BTW, PC exclusive? For me doesn't matter, since I intent to play it on the PC, but for console only gamers...

CorndogBurglar1261d ago

No where in the press release does it say its PC Exclusive. It said PC is all that was announced.

There is a big difference.

TheColbertinator1261d ago

PC exclusive means the new Xcom will receive proper treatment and fine tuning

Abriael1261d ago

When I saw the press release about that I was really surprised. With Civilization and this, 2K still loves PC exclusives it seems.

freshslicepizza1261d ago

they control better on the pc but i wouldn't be surprised to see console versions down the road. i really enjoyed the last one

Gilgamesh151261d ago

So will it be exclusive for good?

Abriael1261d ago

We don't know. For now it's only announced for PC with a port for Linux and Max developer by another studio. No console announced, which doesn't mean it'll never come.

Massacred1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I actually enjoyed Xcom: Enemy Unknown on both PC and PS3. I would hope they would eventually release it on console as the PS3 port was actually quite well and the more people who get to experience the game the better.

Obviously the PC's functionality was superior, (faster reaction time, more customization etc) but I have no issue with more gamers getting to play this so long as the core experience is not "dumbed down."

ravencry1261d ago

Yes It's confirmed

Qoute "And later this week we’ll go in-depth with Solomon and DeAngelis on the reasons behind the bold move to take XCOM from a multiplatform series to a PC exclusive, and how XCOM 2 will be tailored to take advantage of that single platform’s strengths – followed by Firaxis’ exciting plans to support modders and their work."

-Alpha1261d ago

Pretty bold move to make it PC exclusive, but I am expecting them to really cater to the strengths of the genre on PC. So excited!

bananaboats1261d ago

No it doesnt. it can still come out broken.

Either way Im looking forward to this. Xcom was very fun game to play.

ravencry1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

LOL Consoles sold only 114k but PC has sold more than 2.7million digital. So more profits from PC version.

Even Physical version has more sales on PC.

PC - 0.64m
Xbox 360 - 0.60m
ps3 - 0.51m

TricksterArrow1261d ago

VG Chartz has a tendency of undertracking games. Particularly old ones. If the sales were this abysmal, they wouldn't have bothered to release Enemy Within nor Declassified for consoles. Just saying.

ravencry1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

@TricksterArrow maybe it didn't sell well to invest in consoles or we will see this on consoles after PC.

Edit: I think it's confirmed exclusive

aLucidMind1261d ago

I honestly have to wonder if it did so poorly on the consoles due to the fact it came out pretty close to CoD and Assassin's Creed, which typically sell better on console than PC. Obviously PC being better with strategy games is a factor, too; I'm just thinking that the time of release may have hurt their chances on consoles.

blackblades1261d ago

Doubt it's exclusive it will most likely be ported later. If it were exclusive they would of said so.

Palitera1261d ago

It also means that they will spend little money on it.

gamer91261d ago

No matter what the devs say I’m guessing it will come to consoles. The control scheme was fantastic on last gen console. The new consoles can run this game, it’s not a graphical powerhouse.

Takwin1261d ago


*drops mic*

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aquamala1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

wow PC exclusive. I love the reboot but it was clearly scaled down for console players with only one base and only 6? players squads, and less variety of weapons/aliens, hopefully this means Xcom 2 would be more like the originals

Dlacy13g1261d ago

I think it was scaled down more due to hardware limitations of the older consoles vs "for console players".

gamer91261d ago

There's no reason next gen can't have all of those features. Lets all remember that Borderlands Pre Sequel and Dark Souls 2 were never ever coming to next gen console. Look how that turned out.

MilkMan1261d ago

IS this a third person/ stealth/ action/ squad based/ resource management game?
Looks like it.
Either way, looks fantastic. Ill pick it up twice. Once on PC then again on consoles.

Abriael1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

No action. It's turn based strategy

Seafort1261d ago

It's been confirmed as PC exclusive so no you won't pick it up twice unless you buy 2 copies of PC version as it ain't coming to consoles.

_-EDMIX-_1261d ago

Likely coming to consoles down the line.

@Seafort....wouldn't be the first time something was stated about PC then ported to console. (or vice versa really)

I take what a publisher says regarding that a grain of salt.

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