The Definitive Beginners Guide to Heroes of the Storm

New to Heroes of the Storm and want to get some of the basics down? The Definitive Beginners Guide to Heroes of the Storm teaches new players all the basics to keep in mind when playing in their first few matches.

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callumjack1238d ago

I actually really want to play this now, good read

ZeroSkerbo1238d ago

This guide is geared toward very early beginners. It's pretty easy to get started with HOTS but some of these tips are really useful

shocked6861238d ago

HoTS is definitely a much more forgiving game than LoL too. Easier to jump in to for beginners.

MPScrimshaw1238d ago

This style if game scares me a little. Monday Night Combat didn't really hook me so I just let it drop

B_Rickaby1238d ago

League was fun but had too much of a steep learning curve to get into it. New MOBAs are great to get started since there's a better chance you wont get completely destroyed from the get go.

ChouDa1238d ago

So, try Heroes before moving to League?

B_Rickaby1237d ago

Kinda, try any other MOBA before you jump into League. LoL players are notorious for being D-bags to new guys.