New Management Structure of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Jim Ryan to retire next spring and Hiroki Totoki to assume Interim CEO role while keeping his current role at Sony Group.

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blackblades23m ago(Edited 22m ago)

Y'all got what y'all wanted lets see if anything change hopefully for the better. A Japanese head would be better then Jim I bet.

-Foxtrot4m ago

"Y'all got what y'all wanted"

Yup...and I'm pretty sure most of us are content

His plans for the future of Sony were awful so...no great loss

Good riddance

sparky7722m ago

Not surprising getting out while the stocks are high he knows the future isn't bright for Playstation.

Vengeance113816m ago

It's a hell of alot brighter than Xbox who won't exist in 4yrs lol

sparky7712m ago

And yet Phil is only getting promotions instead of the boot.....interesting :)

Vengeance11380m ago


Because Xbox is almost nothing for Microsoft as a whole and them putting all their eggs in the GamePass basket then having it totally collapse on them doesn't phase MS.
PlayStation however is a large portion about 70% of Sony profits.
MS and Phil couldn't care less if Xbox goes under.

-Mika-2m ago

PSVR2 bombing is probably what got him removed from his position. That product flopping cost Sony billions! It's no wonder they forced him to retire.

-Foxtrot2m ago

I just think it's strange he put this shitty GaaS focused plan into motion and now he's suddenly decided to f*** off

Who does that

Has he been forced out or does he think he's messed up taking this risk and decided to bail early before he's later forced out.

SwissCheese20m ago

There is a god. Hopefully the final replacement is better.

Obscure_Observer16m ago

That was fast.

I don´t think he´ll be missed by many, anyway.

Hopefully we can now have Playstation back at E3 and a more focused on single player games.

Outside_ofthe_Box14m ago

No more Lyin' Ryan, you should be thrilled! This is what you've been asking for!

Obscure_Observer2m ago

"No more Lyin' Ryan, you should be thrilled! This is what you've been asking for!"

True. Bring Jack and Adam back!

Battlestar2311m ago

The fall of Sony has begun. I hope when Sony is selling off it's 1st party devs that MS buys most of them up and MS becomes the leader of the gaming industry.

sparky777m ago

MS doesn't need all those 1st party devs since that all make the same cookie cutter 3rd person narrative driven games with skills trees. Just getting one will be enough they don't need duplicate studios.

Outside_ofthe_Box3m ago

And hopefully their acquisition of Nintendo is approved unanimously around the world without a hitch not too long thereafter to compete the career moment.

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Indie Firm Devolver Digital Rejected PS Plus, Xbox Game Pass Deals Over 'Undervalued' Games

Devolver Digital have revealed the company is beginning to reject deals from Sony and Microsoft to put titles on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus.

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erinlime9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Makes sense, oftentimes developers are losing money when they allow games to be on Game Pass because of how undervalued they are. Just look at developer testimonies for games like Outriders, Furi, and Inside. Sure they're not exactly huge games, but games used to be able to continue to sell and have a long sale life.

Now with Game Pass there's no incentive to buy those games and whatever the lump sum Microsoft offers is what you as a developer are forced to accept, otherwise you're turning down being accessible on one of the major marketplaces. It's practically a hostage situation, and Xbox is bleeding smaller developers dry with it.

Sources for the developer testimonies by the way. I know how this site gets.

Outside_ofthe_Box6h ago

Sadly whether we like it or not this is the direction we're slowly heading towards. It won't be until it's a wide spread obvious issue that people will finally unite and complain.

lodossrage6h ago

And as usual, by then it'll be too late.


Christopher7h ago

Good for them. Know your value and don't become beholden to someone else's release expectations.


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