10 Games That Deserve a Sequel (other than Half-Life)

Noobfeed Writes: " There are many games worth mentioning when it comes to "needing" a sequel, but we'd be here all day if we covered all of them. So here's an assortment of 10 games, other than Half-Life, that need a sequel."

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BinaryMind1893d ago

We need a Legend of Dragoon 2!

zeal0us1893d ago

Indeed we do along side a Vanquish 2, Binary Domain 2, Prey 2 and Power Stone 3

Grave1893d ago

Half-Life had a sequel.

ThichQuangDuck1893d ago

War of the Monsters
Freedom Fighters

OhMyGandhi1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Anyone else absolutely adore Condemned like I did?
I swear, that melee system was perfect, and the dark and gritty atmosphere was so refreshingly creative.

comebackkid98911893d ago

Where's my Haunting Ground Remaster Capcom?

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