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Hoffmann1328d ago

Thanks to the many awesome mods, this is still one of my most played PC games. For me it was really the D3 killer.

LifeInNZ1327d ago

Wish it would come to consoles...

Perjoss1327d ago

The first Torchlight is on last gen consoles and its still a great game.

MeteorPanda1327d ago

l owe a lot to torchlight.The fact it's playable with a laptop on a busy 2 hour train ride with a keyboard key being move forward/attack and the touch pad merely being the made working far from home bearable.

no other game l had was playable with just a touch pad..l tried XD

Tundra1327d ago

I really should get back to TL2. It was such a fun game and I never got to finish it.

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