Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, DMC Definitive Edition and more PS4/X1 remasters discounted

An updated list of discounted PS4 and X1 remasters includes Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition dropping to $29.33, DMC Definitive Edition being discounted to $34.99, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round being reduced by $29.90 and more.

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WizzroSupreme1263d ago

Sleeping Dogs is one of the most underrated open-worlds from last-gen. Totally worth the buy or re-buy.

Kalebninja1263d ago

Oh yeah, definitely a great game. The story was much better than I expected it to be.

spacedelete1263d ago

Sleeping Dogs was trash. if theres one game that shouldn't have got remastered its Sleeping Dogs. totally pointless as the game was nothing special.

Movieworld1262d ago

This person needs shooting. Mug

DragoonsScaleLegends1263d ago

It's a great game but I'm not so sure the console versions are worth a buy because they are buggy and none of them hold perfectly at 30fps.

DxTrixterz1263d ago

Lol I have them all except Borderlands.

Bass_fisherman1263d ago

its 3 games you cant expect a price drop already