The 10 Most Expensive Microtransactions And DLC In Games, Ever

From Xfire: "Remember when you'd buy a game and... that was it? You got the full experience by purchasing the full product one time. "

potedude1177d ago

Damn, Train Simulator is costing the big bucks. That game is kinda fun but not if you purchase all the DLC.

Relientk771177d ago

I will never understand why people pay for this crap.

Master of Unlocking1173d ago

"All the DLC - Train Simulator 2020, $10,145"

No wonder we're witnessing an increasing number of ports from PC to consoles, you can't nickel and dime PC owners with all their mods over there, lol

"Legatus Pack - Star Citizen $27,000"


Planet Calypso - Entropia Universe, $6,000,000



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LG_Fox_Brazil22d ago

3 more years and we'll probably see it reach the billion mark. Question is, will it be fully released by then?

JunonZanon22d ago

That kinda defeats its point, I think.

PrinceOfAnger22d ago

I am curious to see what will they show this year on october.. a new gameplay trailer or maybe a release date?

blacktiger19d ago

Elite, this game once complete will hook lot of people with VR and so on. I truly believe this game will get ppl hook and never leave their room

Tankbusta4022d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I get initially backing this....but who is still giving these guys money?

badz14921d ago

I think it's safe to assume that this project is a money laundering pit

blacktiger21d ago

the elite, tthis game is the future for VR and it will full set. ELITE
No one gives money like that,

got_dam22d ago

I can't believe this is still going on. Just don't even know what to say.

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