UGO Live from E3: Hands-On Flower

UGO writes: "During their press conference, Sony announced a little title called Flower that left more than a few us scratching our heads in confusion. What exactly were we supposed to gather from a bunch of video of swaying grass and flowers? Well, after today I can assure you that there really isn't much to Flower that can be grasped without playing the game for yourself. Which is exactly what I did this afternoon.

I left my demo feeling relaxed, inspired, and anxious to get my hands on the title ASAP. Oh, I should probably mention that this is the next project by That Game Company, the studio that brought us the #1 selling PSN title, Flow. If you loved that game (like I did), then prepare to be blown away, literally."

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pizzas3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Wow I'm hearing a lot of great things about this one. LOTS of cool stuff coming to PSN soon. I hope Siren: Blood Curse isn't only for Europe this Thursday though. =[