DICE’s Patrick Bach explains how it’s bringing Star Wars Battlefront back

Official Playstation Magazine Staff:

"Hankering for more news and info on Star Wars Battlefront? Well, you're in luck. In the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, the team sat down with DICE GM Patrick Bach to discuss everything from space battles to the best vehicles for laying an Imperial smackdown..."

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Tinderblock1234d ago

They aren't to be honest, it's not even close to what a star wars battlefront game should be like, especially in this day and age with the technology we have now compared to what we had then. It's just battlefield with lasers, and to be honest I'll still probably get it and I'm going to hate myself for it.

testo61233d ago

have you played it yet ? or at least have you seen gameplay footage?
stop the hate.
be happy

leogets1233d ago

Init.. too much negativity going on in these so called gamers minds these days.. do we want a visually better looking version of old battlefront? Frick no,we want a dice version so they need to let go of the past or just go play the old ones.. so dumb to bash shomething they havnt even witnessed running.. shame really the mentality of these gamers lately