Another Top 10 Anticlimactic Boss Battles

Boss battles should be the ultimate test of all the skills you've been developing in the levels up until now. But once and awhile it comes time for a showdown and the boss ends up being lacklustre, a pushover or just plain boring. Whether it's over in a few seconds, or you beat them through a quicktime event button sequence, these boss fights were memorable for all the wrong reasons. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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averagejoe261237d ago

You've clearly misunderstood the point of FF7 if you think the final battle is lackluster

It... Was... The... Entire... Point..

pasta_spice1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Yeah exactly the whole point of the battle is to signify that Sephiroth no longer had control over Cloud's mind. Cloud had come to terms with his past (and who he really was) and finally had the mental strength to not only fight Sephiroth's influence over his mind, but to DESTROY it. It wouldn't have had the same meaning if the battle had been harder.

jambola1236d ago

I don't really consider the one on one fight with Sephiroth to be a boss bottle, i really wonder if anyone does

Snookies121236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I agree, I didn't realize anyone actually thought that way about this 'fight'. I was around 9 when I played Final Fantasy VII, and even back then I never thought of that as a boss battle. It was the victory of having Cloud completely destroy what remained of Sephiroth after the final battle.

cpayne931236d ago

It was an awesome way to end the game imo, I only played the game a couple years ago.

rainslacker1236d ago

No doubt. The actual final boss battle of the game was actually pretty epic as I recall, as are most FF end game bosses.

The Sephiroth "fight" was more an interactive cutscene and not meant to be anything where you could actually fail.

goldwyncq1236d ago

The final boss of Demon's Souls comes to mind. Maybe the devs made it so as to apologize to the players for putting them through so much suffering to get to that point.

1236d ago
SilverClock1235d ago

Fable 2. The last boss rants for a few minutes if you don't shoot him, Reaver does. One shot. Dead.