PS+ Offers Great Benefits to Indie Developers According to Ether One Dev

PlayStation Plus (PS+) has always offered a great variety of games for players, but what does the service look like on the developer side of things?

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DualWielding1289d ago

that's the problem PS+ has become a propaganda machine for indie games instead of a premium service for consumers

SilentNegotiator1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

"propaganda machine for indie games"

Welp...there it is. The dumbest thing I'll read on the internet today.

You'll note that this wasn't the case for PS3, because PS+ started when it was several years old. But Ps4 is only a year and a half old; they aren't going to be giving away $40+ games.

And anyway, I got dozens of hours of fun gameplay between Race the Sun, Unfinished Swan, and Guacamelee, so...not really seeing the problem with PS+ offerings being indie titles.

MasterCornholio1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

And we got Ground Zeroes coming as well.

I honestly dont have an issue with PS+. In my opinion its the service that offers the most value especially since it spans 3 platforms.