Unity Founder: DirectX 12 API Alone Doesn't Give A Significant Performance Boost

David Helgason also talks about the use of Enlighten in Unity.

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SpaceRanger1241d ago

It seems that utilizing DX12 from the start is what better suits its performance overall. Simple concept to understand.

TheCommentator1241d ago

PCars is getting 7% with a patch. Native DX12 will get more. IF they double the performance of a patch that'll be great, but how big COULD the gains be? E3 should resolve some of this speculation. I can't wait!

dantesparda1241d ago

PCars is supposed to be a getting a 4-7% w/o DX12 (and Ian Bell said that the PS4 will also benefit from those improvements too), so i think people are getting it mixed up with that update. You people are to quick to want to point to anything you think is a DX12 improvement. Just like how you all thought the 30-40% DX12 increase was for X1 when people were trying to tell you's otherwise.

TheCommentator1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Dante, they are two separate patches. SMS clarified today that a DX12 patch will add 7% to XB1. In post #54 of the Pcars forum which started the 30-40% debacle, Ian mentions the performance gains the current patch will give to both consoles. Then he hypothesizes that if Sony can emulate the features of DX12 they could benefit from an upcoming DX12 patch as well. Elsewhere in that forum, tbh, according to Ian the DX12 patch is only at a stage where a budget has been set aside for IF they have time to do it anyways.


I am not "you people." I didn't think the evidence supported that notion 100%, as my post in that thread clearly states. Get to know me before you label me.

curtis921241d ago

I've never seen something like DX12 before where there are such polarizing opinions regarding it's use on console.

u4one1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

its because of the hatred and insecurities of all the opposing fanboys. they want to make sure that the xbox one doesn't get a leg up or parity with the ps4 since the x1 has a slightly weaker gpu (but better cpu setup). they would have less excuse for the bashing if the x1 suddenly started consistently matching resolution and texture filtering.

(edit after some thought)
The part I don't get is why would people hate on technology that is attempting to make gaming better in general. I'm not saying it will, but what if it did give the x1 the tools to outpace the ps4 in terms of performance? what would be the drawback? We'd have an even better console to play games on. Whats more and even better, it would give Sony incentive to improve their own APIs and since the PS4s GPU has a bit more horsepower, they could take it even further. I don't understand why people don't love the competition because we the consumers win when they battle it out.

To prove my point, look how much xbox one users have benefitted from the PS4s success. There have been more deals, more bundles, more features, more apps or anything to motivate more sales getting tossed over to the x1 side than would ever have been the case if the sales were more equalized across brands.

solar1241d ago

fanboys are effing idiots.

parentsbasement1241d ago

Your post is well thought out , makes perfect sense , and is completely , in the sprit of N4G , i'll disagree with it...

ThanatosDMC1241d ago

I completely agree... with parentsbasement.

Lennoxb631241d ago

Of course it depends on the engine and its compliance with DX12. Also depends on the techniques the devs use.

XeyedGamer1241d ago

I don't recall dx11 having such a big fuss made about it.

solar1241d ago

it did have a big fuss, but crapped the bed.

ThanatosDMC1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

There was a lot of fuss with dx11 fog effects being a thing but most people just stuck with dx9 settings due to higher performance.

windblowsagain1241d ago

They made a bigger fuss over dx10 or 9 and in many games dx9 was faster,lol.

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