Konami: Currently "no solution" for MGO disaster

In the latest of a string of online gaming-related disasters for Konami, the Japanese company has admitted it currently has "no permanent solution" to ongoing problems with the Metal Gear Online servers

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harrisk9543744d ago

is that in the future, they should use the PSN instead of trying to be greedy but by using their own servers to sell their DLC.

Bnet3433744d ago

If Valve said the same thing about PS3 Orange Box:

"Valve are lazy developers"

Playstation Man3744d ago

Led by a fat, ignorant, self-obsessed slob who insults everything that isn't made primarily of sugar!

Solbadguy3744d ago

Bring it to PSN and I will definitely buy along with that codec pack.

rogimusprime3744d ago

anything PS3 that doesn't go as planned is a DISASTER.

Xbox live crashes over the holiday break and its a technical issue.

I own both systems and I still see bias. I played MGO and havent had any issues yet...except for the lame need to create a konami ID.

No lamer than a "windows live" ID.

Can someone who played the expansion tell me what the disaster is?

PirateThom3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

It took 6 hours for me to get access to it, all because Konami run it through their own system rather than PSN and it's unacceptable.

It is a disaster, but it's not a fault of Sony or PSN, it's Konami.

The game servers are fine, the game runs fine, but the store and any site based access just doesn't have the capacity to deal with a game as popular as MGO. There's absolutely no reason why the log-in is separate from PSN or they have their own http based store.

Mangelboy3744d ago

Stupid [email protected] it to the PSN!



dro3744d ago

--->>> OPEAN ZONE --->>> ( "_")

juuken3744d ago


Problem solved.

StrikingDmc43744d ago

ask microsoft for help xP

legendkilla3744d ago

by far the worst part of MGO is the sign up ...

juuken3744d ago

I've heard about it. Konami needs to get it together. :/

REDZEV3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

See, what have I been telling you Sony fanboys for the last month???
Sonys online structure Suckssssssssssssssssssssssssss s Asssssssssss. Why do you think Namco brought Ace Combat 6 which was also a Sony exclusive over to the 360 and not the POS3 HUH??? because they wanted to implement a solid multi player gaming expierence and the only next gen console that could provide that was the 360.
What Im starting to realize now is that sony gamers truly havent evolved or havent expierenced true online gaming. I dont thinks its any of your faults either. Actually its sonys fault but thats another issue. The thing is your all just offline platform gamers.
I mean all the games you cherish and think are the best of all franchises are just typical platform games. So its none of your faults. Its truly Sonys fault for not getting a online strategy earlier in the days of the ps2. If they would of done their homework last generation the POS3 would be neck in neck with the 360.
dont worry though because after the Konami guys are done ripping their hair out and taking aspirin for the big headaches because of this MGS4 online debaucle is causing them, They wont have to worry about these kind of problems with 360 build thats for sure it will run silky smooth trust me. yeah thats right fanboys I didnt stutter a 360 build!!!

DJ3744d ago

Maybe if you calmed down for a minute, you could realize that Konami's having trouble with their online network. They completely bypassed PSN. They do this with every title, and both PS3 and 360 owners hate it.

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