Metal Gear Online Dated in Japan

IGN writes,'Those who want to get their sneak on against friends without investing in the full Metal Gear Solid 4 experience will get a chance soon as Konami releases a package version of Metal Gear Online. In Japan, the solo version of the Metal Gear Solid 4 online component will go on sale on July 17, carrying a price tag of 1,800 yen.'

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kewlkat0073761d ago

...not the online part but yes the game..

PirateThom3761d ago

I love the online, but I definitely think it needs some work.

1. Remove death match and focus on the team portion of the game as it's the most fun and I'm yet to play one since most people veto it.
2. Add more maps, even another 3
3. Increase ability slots to 5 and allow anyone to use CQC
4. Allow two support items

Wurider3761d ago

Metal Gear Online needs to be polished up. It has potential though!!