Infinite Undiscovery Achievements Revealed

The achievements for the upcoming Square Enix RPG, Infinite Undiscovery, have been revealed by The list contains 50 achievements for the full 1,000 points. It's a fairly basic list for an RPG, with quite a few secret achievements, including one for a single point. For the entire list of achievements, hit the jump.

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DarkSniper3740d ago

The Xbox achievement system is a meaningless approach for Microslaves to have their self-esteem boosted. Those who strive for achievements clearly have not opened their eyes to the brand new Trophy system Sony has implemented for their gamers. Only PLAYSTATION®3 gives gamers true incentives for achieving the most difficult tasks that each game has to offer.

Infinite Undiscovery is another Xbox 360 exclusive that will be dead on arrival due to the inferiority and incapabilities of the Xbox 360 console. Japan Role Playing Games belong on a Japanese oriented system which is why PLAYSTATION®3 ultimately and automatically produce better RPG games.


Ace Killa 083740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

wait theres only a handful of throphies out there and soo many 360 achievements.... i say we dont compare Infinite Undiscovery and rather compare arcade games achievements. surely the free arcade games given by xbox is enough to match the trophies available. and so forth achievements prevail sine theres just soo many

please wait till the trophy system get some steam started to start comparing which system is better, i heard in January 2009 is when the trophy is mandatory so lets wait till then to see which is better.

Zulwarn3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

so the Japanese only plays JRPG's the west doesn't?

it seems someone is missing his "targets" & falling randomly on his arse, in the "dark"

cloudman3740d ago

I get unbanned within 20 hoours

then i dotn get to see you losers ugly ass faces


Ace Killa 083740d ago

im a get that to balance out mine since im always stucks either on a 4 or 9 and i just like it even : )

kevnb3740d ago

to infinite discovery, which makes more sense.

Cusco3740d ago

I was just going to say, the name is absolutely horrendous. I think they are trying too hard.

Nitrowolf23740d ago

i always thought it was discovery

cloudman3740d ago

Square Enixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I cant type proeprly when i see that name. I so repsected them and i hardly rpesected anyone!

AAACE53740d ago

The name was phrased that way for a reason. And that reason would be revealed through the game! But you never know sh*t changes all the time!

I like this new direction RPG's are headed... I may start buying more of them!

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The story is too old to be commented.