Splatoon Demo – Preview - AGR

Come the 28th, a new title will be out that Nintendo hope will bring a new set of gamers to the console or appease those they already have. Splatoon is a 4 vs 4 competitive shooter that hopes to fill the void of first and third person shooters on the console.

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Dubaman1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Looky what just arrived:

As soon as i've destroyed this toast and coffee, my arse is getting ever so acquainted with my chair. - Damn right, Ice. Damn right.

abradley1244d ago

Love the game collecting in the background.

Enjoy Splatoon too!

Dubaman1242d ago

King Bradley?
There is a MegaDrive to be set up too but i cant seem to find the cables for it. Its probably in the loft with, literally, everything else known to man.
Splatoon on the other hand is awesome and should be played by all. Especially if you're in the UK or Europe where its half the usual price :D