Massive Deep Silver Publisher Sale On PlayStation Store This Week, Upto 85% Discount

Deep Silver is having a massive sale on PlayStation Store this week offering their flagship titles from Dead Island and Saint’s Row series.

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rdgneoz32113d ago

Nice sale going on. Though hilariously the bundle for re-elected and gat out of hell is cheaper (at $15.49) than either is separately ($23.99 for re-elected and $15.99 for gat)...

InTheZoneAC2113d ago

why do they refuse to discount/put on sale The Crew?

As soon as it goes half price I'm getting it

Skate-AK2113d ago

That is a Ubisoft game. Look on Amazon. Pretty sure it is $30.

Skate-AK2113d ago

I see what you are saying now. Didn't know there was an Ubisoft sale too.

Ripsta7th2113d ago

Look on craigslist! Lol