Uncharted Remastered Collection Coming to PS4 According to Tamaki

TheArabGamer writes: "Tamaki, known for acquiring industry secrets for his Unseen 64 show, has managed to confirm that an Uncharted collection IS happening. According to him, the collection will be announced at E3 and will be a way for Naughty Dog to make up for the Uncharted 4 delay.

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Fro_xoxo2931d ago

oh oh..
could this be an E3 leak?

nice compensation, if I do say so myself.

jackanderson19852931d ago

it's a good thing (if you've never played them or wanna replay them and don't have a console capable of doing that) but compensation... no definitely not that

bouzebbal2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Three of last gen's best games.
this is legit.. definitely coming in October/November i will say.

Crimzon2931d ago

If this remaster is real, that basically confirms what we all knew the real reason for Sony delaying Uncharted 4 was. They're going crazy with these remasters. I doubt Naughty Dog minds the extra dev time though, even if they'll probably be spending it working on DLC for the season pass we all know is coming.

starchild2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

This is one of the few remasters I would personally be interested in. Loved all three of the Uncharted games. I'm hoping it isn't just a false rumor.

breakpad2931d ago

i hope it doesnt take much time from their E3 presentation ..we need new games to be announced not remasters

SniperControl2931d ago

I am a massive Uncharted fan, would love a Uncharted quadrilogy Remaster around Christmas time, definitely a system seller.

Farmassy2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

do you all think they will update the graphics or just increase the pixels and framerate like they did for TLoU?

johndoe112112931d ago

Cut the crap. This remaster makes all the sense in the world. Many ps4 owners today never owned the ps3 so they never played any of the uncharted games. This will give them a chance to experience one of the best franchises in gaming. The reason for the uncharted 4 delay was to get the game as polished as possible.

That was a severely unnecessary comment. How much time do you think they would spend on announcing something like this? It's just a game, not some service they're pushing.

Army_of_Darkness2931d ago

If they are all upgraded to 1080p @60fps..... Damn, I'm gonna have to give in again cause playing at 60fps makes such a huge difference! So much smoother on the eyes :-D

tuglu_pati2931d ago

Makes sense to have a UC remastered, maybe for holiday or H5 launch.

sonarus2931d ago

these remasters come off as lazy. Industry is getting stale no more effort for innovation

Uncharted though is a fun series and i might purchase for ps4 collection but not something exciting or worth anticipating

Solid_Penguin-642931d ago

@Abz no not say, you will... play xD

miyamoto2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I wanna have a Naughty Dog Games Collection on my great PS4

I wonder how many of them 22 million PS4 gamers did not have a PS3 to play Uncharted?

Excited for the Multiplayer Experience!
Uncharted 2 was the best.
Imagine Uncharted 1 having a new MP!
That will be a blast!

WickedLester2931d ago


Uncharted 4's delay had nothing to do with the re mastered collection. It was delayed because it wasn't going to be ready, simple as that.

deadpoolio3162931d ago

Going crazy with the remasters? That is the dumbest thing i've heard today...They literally have 2 currently...Where the hell do you people keep getting this dumb notion that like every remaster was done by Sony when 99% of them are all multiplat

Yehshuah2931d ago

too bad no multiplayer for uc2 anymore

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THC CELL2931d ago

a lot of new playstation players who skipped ps3 for 360 will enjoy this game and them who enjoyed online uncharted will come back too, amazing game

UltraNova2931d ago

Especially if the online character development carries over from U1 to U2 and so on...

I wont be getting this since I played all 3 of them to death but I know some people who definitely want to get a taste!

eddieistheillest2931d ago

Exactly , I didn't have a ps3 . I never played TLOU until the remaster version came to ps4 and fell in love with it . I can't wait for the UC remastered trilogy now.

JWiLL5522931d ago

If this collection comes complete with Uncharted 2 MP at 60 FPS I'll be all over that!

So much fun traversing those levels during matches. There really wasn't anything else quite like it at the time.

pivotplease2931d ago

Played them to death as well (like 4 playthroughs for 2 and 3 and 3 for 1). Still getting this for sure. Might even get it day one if there aren't too many new games kicking around. That and the multiplayer will be bumping around launch.

peowpeow2931d ago

What impresses me is that, I'm sure it is not easy at all to port a game that was very finely tailored towards the PS3, to the PS4.

I guess TLOU would have given some experience in that though. Can not wait.

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Magicite2931d ago

Last gens best action games for price of one is still a great value, especially if priced below 60$ and at 60fps/1080p.

guitarded772931d ago

And if there is MP in it, that would be awesome. Uncharted had some really good MP. If they could put the U2 and U3 maps in one place, that would be perfect. A combined U2/U3 multi-player.

lelo2play2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Meh... more remasters! Wait for them on PS+.

This gen so far has been crap, with few exceptions.
Remasters, after remasters, after remasters... When we reach next gen (next PS/Xbox/Wii), it will be the same thing. Games of this gen on next gen consoles with the label remasters. Wait and see... Witcher3/Bloodbourne/etc remasters on next gen consoles.
This is the sad state of gaming. Unbelievable.

Palitera2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Fools applaud it, so what do you expect?
Do you think companies will spend money in new games when they can rerelease the same stuff for 10%, if this much, of the cost? When they spend so much in Bloodborne to celebrate the ridiculous amount of one million games sold, after all that marketing?

Why announce new stuff when they also can reannounce the same games and populate every E3 with the same promises every year, when half the big games (probably more) "to be released" in 2015 will actually be released in 16/17?

This here is the cycle of AAA dying: companies wont invest, wont take risks, sales and interest will go down, companies will invest even less. Repeat and rinse. Yet stupid people applaud.

Wii_nes_0072931d ago

I don't know if I would use the word crap to explain current gen results, however I do agree with you partially. The 1st 12 months of the PS4's launch had ONLY 2 games, Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son. Everything else was either a port or a remaster. PS4's 3rd actual game was Drive Club, just saying.

MadLad2931d ago

I agree with Palitera.

Remasters, if anything, should be used to mitigate the costs of investing into either the long running series it's part of, or as quick cash for a new IP from the company.
Instead it is nothing more than a cash grab, and companies are using it more and more to make a buck, all the while investing less and less in new IP.

I'm happy that the indie scene has blown up in the way it did, because that's where core gamers are going to find most of their new interesting experiences not too far down the road. AAA industry is moving in only negative directions, as far as I am concerned.

jivah2931d ago

But all these remasters aren't even proper remasters. One, all of these games are recent games be rereleased. they don't look bad as is. and 2 what annoys me is the only treatment they receive is upscaled and added frames. Maybe a little touch of antialiasing but that's it. The gains so far is minimal at best.

If i was in charge of remasters i would be looking at fully remastering PS1 games and maybe PS2 with brand new base models and textures and lighting as if its a new game. fixing camera angles or controls if needed PS3 stuff is way too recent and the gain is barely noticeable. That is why i haven't bought the new consoles yet. There is not enough focus on new games as their was in the early PS3/360 life. Tons of good gems there

Miguelitons2930d ago

I agree with you, this is really crap, who needs old games as remastered which had already superb graphics, makes no sense to me!! This is a cashcow for Sony and I don't like the way they are going with that, it's the wrong direction.

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Articuno762931d ago

"Tamaki, known for acquiring industry secrets for his Unseen 64 show, has managed to confirm that an Uncharted collection IS happening. According to him, the collection will be announced at E3 and will be a way for Naughty Dog to make up for the Uncharted 4 delay."

Reading. Life skill right there.

oasdada2931d ago

@arti. Thanx for stating the obvious sherlock, i meant has he reported worthy leaks b4 to justify his rumour.. jeez some people just want to act cool all the time

KiwiViper852931d ago

"known for acquiring industry secrets"

Like he said, reading...

raptorjacob2931d ago

I'll buy this remaster even though I own the 3 already. This was my favorite game/series last gen.

BallsEye2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

If it's a remaster like remasters in MCC, where they completely remake all sounds, use new graphic engine etc then awesome! If it's a lazy copy/paste like TLOU on ps4 with only upped res and fps (which downgrades some graphics like shadows) then go to hell. They just want easy cash.

BiggerBoss2931d ago

TLOU remastered was not a lazy, copy/paste. The 60 fps made the game a WAY better experience imo

pody2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

What game is this MCC?

Nvm, figured it out when he said Xbone. :D

I couldn't agree with you more. The game was such a major overhaul over the PS3 version. I was very impressed.

DigitalRaptor2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Firstly, you're so, so incredibly wrong about The Last of Us Remastered and this post provides a great deal of thwarting evidence against YOUR lazy post:

Secondly, you're saying that 99.9999% of HD remasters ever produced are lazy copy/paste jobs, and a MCC is the guiding heavenly body that persists despite all its problems?

Let's turn your logic around for a second BallsEye. Are you telling me Microsoft didn't want "easy cash" when they outsourced their #1 golden goose franchise out to 5 studios to save time and resources and despite all the horrific game-breaking issues (that persisted in great numbers for months), they STILL decided to release it during the holiday season, as not to lose the potential sales, instead of delaying it like a decent company would to ensure playable quality for its fans of their #1 franchise?

Sony was remastering their best legacy games last-gen and offering them in value packs of $40, long before Microsoft could decide which of their 2 worthy franchises was worth actually remastering first.

Mr-Dude2931d ago

You mean that MCC that was broken for months?

wegetsignalx2930d ago

The Last of Us was not a "lazy copy/paste". They improved texture sizes, added more graphical effects, extra features like photomode, dev commentary, etc.

The shadow quality was IMPROVED from the PS3 version. Even at 60 fps the shadow quality is doubled from the PS3 version, at the 30 fps setting the shadow quality is 4x the PS3 version. Either way is an upgrade. You are wrong.

TLOU was an excellent remake and game, and you blindly hate and lie about it only because it is a Sony exclusive. Sad.

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ginsunuva2931d ago

That would be a pretty pathetic E3 announcement.

It's not like it would surprise anyone.

Ricegum2931d ago

Pathetic? Are you joking?! I'm pretty sure that would be quite a highlight if it were announced.

ShadowWolf7122931d ago

Pathetic how? You speak as if this is all they'll be bringing.

OC_MurphysLaw2931d ago

Pretty sure this was already rumored before....lets hope legit. It makes sense on these big franchises that have history to bring something like this out. This certainly would help boost Sony's Holiday line up currently that is for sure.

GordonKnight2931d ago

My backlog keeps coming to this Gen. I better get crackin on my backlog!!!

Bleucrunch2931d ago

@Crimzon....your argument has merit sir...the timeline certainly makes sense. These remasters are getting crazy if you ask me. Uncharted has always been high def since its first inception. Unless Naughty Dog is building the game from the ground up, I do not expect it to look any like Uncharted 4. Time will tell but I do not trust to hope...It has forsaken us as gamers.

showtimefolks2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Day one buy

Thank you ND/sony

Could this be a EPIC E3

Fallout 4
uncharted collection
Uncharted 4 Game play
halo 5
tomb raider
quantum break
crackdown yes please
possibly a new game from R*
metal gear solid 5
street fighter 5
Borderlands 3
Dead island 2
FF15 15
kingdom Hearts 3
dues ex
Home front
possibly saints row
titan fall 2
mass effect 4 and trilogy for ps4 and xbox one
need for speed reboot
mirror edge
No man sky
gears 4

LifeInNZ2931d ago

So many great things could be announced for gamers at this E3, have to say I'm ore excited for E3 this year than I was last year.

Also add to your list Rare's new game.

ravens522931d ago

Sold my ps3 with all uncharteds and gows. I hope this is legit I want my collections back. My two favorite ips. Got gow collection on vita instead, need gow origin collection for vita now. Ascension and gow 3 remakes confirmed for ps4 so lookn good as of now.

jb2272931d ago

Does anyone know if the rumors are shaping up to solely be a collection of the 3 console releases? Never got a chance to play Golden Abyss & I'd absolutely love to have that guy included, but that doesn't really seem to be the case so far.

Kingscorpion712931d ago

Now they have something to go against Tomb Raider :)

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Jalva2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Of course it's coming, Uncharted 4 was delayed so they could prioritize this because "people missed out on them last gen" and for some reason they should all be entitled to play them, even though they're all on PS Now and they could download any of them right this moment if they actually wanted to... oh yeah, PS Now is only relevant when N4G says so, silly me!

jackanderson19852931d ago

except not everyone has or can even access PS Now? or will have PS Now in the near future?

2931d ago
jackanderson19852931d ago

if it's on PS Now how can you play them if you don't have access to PS Now?

Eonjay2931d ago


But how are you actually gonna play it though... I don't understand your logic here.

Caffo012931d ago

Yes but only uk and us can access psnow...

MasterCornholio2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Where does it say that the collection is only for PSNOW?


uth112931d ago

The collection wouldn't be for PS now.

But if you use PS now, you could play all 3 today

MasterCornholio2931d ago


I understand that but Jalvas behaviour is incorrect in my opinion.

Sure you can stream the games via PSnow but playing it off your PS4 at 1080P 60FPS is much better than streaming it. So its understandable why some people would prefer a digital/physical collection. Plus there's the fact that PSnow isn't available everywhere plus not everyone has a good enough internet connection to stream games well.

OB1Biker2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Well a remastered PS4 collection would be better and not just 'rented' PS3 games obviously for people who are interested, also can be cheap (and possibly trade them in later) if you can wait for the right price you want it

lelo2play2931d ago

PS Now will have the same fate of OnLive.

Gamble202931d ago

But OnLive was purchased by Sony... It's fate has already been fulfilled?

oasdada2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I dont get it. If n4g is that bad then why do u log in?

OT: would love to revisit those games in 1080/60fps.. specially 2.. what a game!