Todd Howard may make haz-mat suits for Avatars

With the E3 confetti slowly finding itself into dust pans and garbage bins alike we are trying to make sense of the whole mess. Still news is dripping in with the oversights and forgotten moments that hid among the riff raff. One such bit concerns the whole Avatar system. We covered earlier the possibility of devs getting in the game and providing exclusive clothing for our Mavatars.

Just how far this may go has since been hush hush, but in Major Nelson's latest podcast at about the 4 minute mark he and co-host e confirm that developers have the freedom to make a whole slew of clothing types and paraphernalia.

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boogeyman9993794d ago

Interesting..but whose todd howard?

dxmnecro3794d ago

A hazmat suit for my avatar would be too great.

m233794d ago

It'd be cool if we could get full suits and stuff rather than just stay in t-shirts.

GiantEnemyCrab3794d ago

This is the kind of stuff I'm hoping for in the avatar system. Although I'd much rather have a pip-boy as my avatar vs a haz-mat suit. Bring on a Big Daddy Avatar skin as well!!

celticlonewolf3794d ago

I really hope that they do where you can get clothing items for your avaters. I hope that it is linked to ahcivments and not have to be purches. I think it be cool to be able to unlock clothing items like tshirts, pants, helmets hats what have you for doing certain achivments.

Finch3794d ago

Agreed, It would be nice if every game had at least one full outfit on the disc to unlock. It will be nice if there was more than one full outfit, but lets at least start with one at a min and go up. As you play you may unlock new shoes, Pants, shirts and so on as you play. Some games can even have fun with it by putting them in the game like Easter eggs. You walking around and find a pair of pants and you grab the pair of pants and bam you get a unlocked pants options for your Avatar. Games like GTA4 maybe in the new bonus sets coming out. You can go to the clothing store buy some new cloths and bam you can use them on your Avatar. You can go on and on i just hope they have fun with it!