Fatal Inertia Screens

Looks good from what I can see, and I think the backgrounds look pretty good as well. They look like they would be more suited for an adventure game than a racer IMO, hopefully that means that they're not too linear, but we'll see.

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Maldread4357d ago

but it`s from i developer which i can`t recall having made any really good games. Still, i`ll wait for reviews before saying it`s not good, but i wouldn`t hold my breath over this one.

Scrumptious4357d ago

when the PS3 is the primary developement platform. I guess 360 owners will get their share of crappy PS3 ports too.

headblackman4356d ago

this game has sharpened up a alot from the first time that ive seen it. this must be pix from the further along ps3 but im sure that the xbox360 ver. will look the same or better :)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4356d ago

peauex selmon' benuo betuoleaux meonn'tellox. Translation: this game is going to suck!