PALGN E3 2008: Velvet Assassin Preview

PALGN writes: "World War Two videogames walk a fine line between realism and fun. Most have been able to engineer an enjoyable videogame experience while still being tasteful to veterans on either side of the conflict. However, some have arguably strayed to distasteful territory, especially in their mindless depiction of 'the enemy'. Games like Call of Duty 2 tend to evade problems, in part, by staying vague about specific characters or actions, so in this light, Velvet Assassin, Replay Studio's upcoming stealth shooter is an interesting affair indeed.

This is because Velvet Assassin is unashamedly based on one person's true story. The game takes place within the memories of deathbed-ridden British agent Violette Summer, as she recalls her many infiltration missions of World War Two. The real-life Summer - cunningly renamed from Violette Szabo - was quite an amazing figure: competent in unarmed combat, demolitions, explosives, communications and cryptography, she was parachuted into Nazi-occupied France late in the war, and proceeded to wage a war of sabotage, leading two successful large-scale missions before her capture in mid-1944. Szabo was interrogated under torture, and finally executed in February 1945 at the age of 23. She was posthumously awarded the George Cross, and a small museum dedicated to her life now exists in the West Midlands of England. The game's developers, Replay Studios, therefore have quite a bit to handle, but the potential is rife for something great."

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