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The first game in the Full Auto series shipped for the Xbox 360 back in February. It offered a decent mix high-speed racing and devastation, though a few issues kept it from achieving higher marks. It suffered from a few performance issues, for starters, which caused certain hectic races to slow to a crawl. The game also lacked a dedicated battle mode where players could forget about racing and simply tear each other to pieces. But the biggest issue dealt with racing - even with added firepower, Full Auto failed to bring something new to the genre as a whole. So while it definitely entertained as a simple death racer, it could have added a few things to differentiate itself from similar titles.

In steps Full Auto 2: Battlelines for the PS3. It strives to improve the original game by addressing every complaint listed in the above paragraph. And to a certain extent, it succeeds admirably. The whole experience runs better on the PS3, though it still slows down when tearing down entire builds. It also chugs a little when plowing through a roadblock of six flaming police cars. Having said that, there's a noticeable decrease of slowdown in the PS3 version. Most of the time players will crash through skyscrapers and watch as enemy vehicles detonate in midair without noticing a significant drop in framerate. The screen will often explode with countless pieces of debris from cars, buildings, signs, bridges and have little effect on the flow of a race. And that's rad.

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Antan4356d ago

Seems like a fair review, not a game i`d buy myself but fair non the less. Improvements have been made acroos the board which can only be a good thing.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4356d ago

...and I laugh my ass off when I think back about Top Freakio posting comparison pics trying to sell Full Auto on 360 is better.

NextGen24Gamer4356d ago

Sega didn't make a Full Auto 2 for the 360. FUll Auto 1 was the worst selling launch game in the 360's launch lineup. No 360 fan wanted a Full Auto 2. One thing everyone knows for sure is....if Sega did make a Full Auto 2 for the would run much smoother (60 fps) and look better (due to the more advanced GPU of the 360). We also know that games just aren't running good on the ps3. (Port or no Port) Slow downs, ect...And Sony fans can't use the port excuse anymore. This game is a Part 2...not a there should be no excuse for slow downs galore....ha ha ha ha ha....The ps3 can't handle a game like Full Auto? Thats pathetic.

P.S. Its good to hear they fixed some of the issues that the 360 version had as a launch title a year ago.....and added some new game modes....but it still ends up being a mediocre game. And a game 360 owners didn't buy very much of.

Watapata4354d ago

I will point out that several reviews have stated that there is absolutely NO slowdown whatsoever in Resistance...yet you still claim that every PS3 game suffers from large amounts of this. Clearly they don't all. But to some degree or another, almost every game on every console experiences slowdown...including Gears of War on X360. I know all of my 360 games have slow down in various places, Madden is probably the worst of the ones I've got, but its still present on Oblivion, Dead Or Alive 4, and Enchanted Arms

EnforcerOfTheTruth4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

...are you dumb. Going by your ridiculous logic 360 can't handle a game like Full Auto 1, cause the situation is the same like with part 2 for the PS3. Full Auto 1 was a 360 launch game and Full Auto 2 is now a PS3 launch game ;-) The sad truth is that the PS3 launch game looks better and runs smoother and ohh you can hardly call Full Auto 1 a 360 launch game as it was released in February haha and buddy, I know lying is your hobby but you can't sell them to me. I remember very well when you posted 360 Full Auto 1 vs PS3 Full Auto 2 comparisons claiming the 360 version looks better haha

FirstknighT4354d ago

"The sad truth is that the PS3 launch game looks better and runs smoother"

So what happend with Call of Duty 3, Fight Night, Ridge Racer, Nba 2k7???

Alot of the games on the ps3 suffer from slow downs...thats a problem!

Karibu4354d ago

That's the problem with dev, not the hardware.

FA2 shows you how ports should be done.

And plz, two games you mentioned are far better looking on PS3.

calderra4354d ago

"two games you mentioned are far better looking on PS3"

Like Fight Night? You might wanna check up on your news... turns out the supposed difference is all smoke and mirrors. Look up what happened at the Apollo Theater.

Funky Town_TX4354d ago

I don't care what system you put it on.

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