Killzone 2 enters final polish

BBC News writes:

"The creators of highly-anticipated first-person shooter Killzone 2 have spoken about their hopes for the game, which is due out on PlayStation 3 in February 2009.

Hermen Hulst, managing director of Amsterdam-based Guerrilla Games, says it has been in development for three years so that the firm could make the game match the original vision."

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jamilion3740d ago

I watched the whole video, they didn't say that its entering quote "final Polish"! I hope it is, cause i want it to come out though.
This is a "game of the year" type game and definitely FPS of the year next year!
The only doubt i had about this game was the multi player, and after reading and seeing the new details, its going to be amazing. Genre Defining!

morganfell3740d ago

The game is in Alpha. It won't enter "Final Polish" until the last 2-3 months of beta.

arakouftaian3740d ago

i will buy bouth the same day but well, i hope they give us a online beta at lease

Veryangryxbot3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Go to and watch all the extended trailers from the Geoff Keighley interviews with the 3 companies.

My god, I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that! Gametrailers and GTTV, were putting the heat on!

Reggie and John got grilled! HAhaha I couldnt stop laughing lmao. Look at the way Reggie was spinning his way out of those questions, it was HEAT ON lmao. And that old pervert from MS was getting OWNED hahaha.

Jack tretton interview was down to earth and cool though; PS3 RULESSSS. PS3 winning the hearts and minds of folk around the world.
People are slowly realizing what the PS3 is all about: true value for your money.

Keep it up yall.

iGrenade3739d ago

Sony didn't want both of their guns shooting eachother down in Fall of this year, so they went ahead and pushed KZ2 back to Feb'09 so they could polish it more.

Haha, yeah Keighley was really pushing Reggie on that one, and that M$ guy too. The talk with Jack was all relaxed, you could see that Keighley was excited about what the future holds for the PS3.

NegativeCreep4273739d ago

Sony's biggest FPS for 2008 is Resistance 2. Sony's biggest FPS for AT LEAST the first half of 2009 is Killzone 2.

mightydog013740d ago

This game going to be bloody awesome.......and the multiplayer just iceing on the cake "sweet"

beoulve3740d ago

I hope they did right, I got original Killzone, it's good game but felt a bit rush. This time they should really take their time and SUPER POLISHED it.

DarkBlade3740d ago

I want the game to come out in Jan. of 09 because feb. is too far away. Also final polish doesn't seem right since they are near of ending Alpha stage of the game.

SUP3R3740d ago

U want it in Jan because Feb is too far away from Jan?...huh????
Can you take a pic of the calendar you follow and post it here for us?

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The story is too old to be commented.