Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Massive Server Outage (But the Twitter Hashtag is Pretty Golden)

Fans who awaited the second Splatoon Global Testfire today have been meet with disappointment: severe server outages due to high volumes of traffic caused many players to receive the following error message during the actual hour of the global beta testing.

However, fans took to Twitter to make some pretty hilarious posts about it.

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ajames3472818d ago

Thanks for the link! And I figured Nintendo would do something like this to mitigate the issue.

DC7772817d ago

Sucks, I had already given up after 30 minutes of error messages.

DryBoneKoopa852818d ago

I was going to say. I played about 6 matches without any issues. Could just be me but everyone in my party didn't seem to have issues getting back in. I did play at like 7:30 so maybe the issues were fixed by the time I got back on.

I can't wait for next Friday! SPLATOON!!!, Legend Of Kay HD, all my Amiibo, and Puzzle & Dragon!!!


It was supposed to be over by 7pm est, at 730 it was already fixed

andresegr2817d ago

"Could be just me but everyone in my party didnt seem to have issues getting back in"

How do you know? Did you were voice chatting while playing?

Oh Wait!

TripC502818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Here are my Testfire post match screen pics. Splatershot Jr. is my go to.

Played 15 games..Won 14 Lost 1..MVP 12 times..Kill/Death 93/12..
Highest points in one game 1287p..Most kills in one game 14..
weapon used: only Splatershot Jr. On every game.

This game is fun and has competative gaming inked all over it.

OCEANGROWNKUSH2818d ago ShowReplies(2)
DryBoneKoopa852818d ago

Nice stats! Your the type of guy I would want on my team lol.

I also like the Splatter shot. Starting to wonder if it might be a little OP or if used in the right hands the weapon can be deadly.

In the 6 matches that I did get to play. I won 5 of them and lost once. I too was using the Splatter Shot.

N4g_null2817d ago

Trip I'm right there with you a lethal team can be a great coverage cover support.

jholden32492818d ago

Splattershot all the way! Covers decent ground all things considered, and works well taking out those pesky rollers ;)

Mega_Volnutt2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Even with the server breakdown and bad ping, the game is super addictive and intense, something that BF and COD lack this days. Also, another thing that I noted in the Splatoon Testfire, is the obvious lagg when playing against japanese teams. The lagg is so horrible that Nintendo needs to make available the Region server selection to avoid lagg with foreign players and invest in some dedicated servers as well. Another thing I felt is, that I tried to play without the gyroscope and realized, the gyroscope is a must when playing Splatoon. It just felt so natural, that you hardly use the second joystick, only for slight movements to L and R. The game is worth every penny people, regardless of not having voice-chat or Off-TV gameplay...


didnt experience any lag...

TripC502818d ago

I did only one time. My Jr. Was shooting blanks for half a second then the ink appeared later than it should Jr. was shooting blanks...hmm

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