Destiny: Trials of Osiris – Video Walkthrough of The Lighthouse, Mercury

MP1st - Check out a video walkthrough of The Lighthouse, a new social space on Mercury that’s only accessibly by achieving 9 wins and 0 losses in the Trials of Osiris, now live until the weekly reset on Tuesday morning.

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akurtz2262d ago

I got it!! It was intense but its so satisfying. Eye of osiris exotic emblem and etheric light. Ayy its rewarding as hell

Allsystemgamer2262d ago

I'm the first in my clan to get here. They were with me but I bought that buff that allows me to gain an extra win and boom!

Aside from a thorn in my side (pun intended. I hate that gun) it was intense

The_KELRaTH2262d ago

Just a shame there's no match making so everyone can enjoy the extra content anytime they want.

Allsystemgamer2262d ago

It is but communicatin is key. Couldn't have done it without speaking to my clan mates

Halo2ODST22262d ago

Well when ur friends are asleep, trials is unplayable b cuz no matchmaking...