EA only using 20% of PS3 power?

Recently Glenn Entis, Vice President and Chief Visual Officer at Electronic Arts discussed his feelings about the PlayStation 3 console.

When asked, how do the PS3 and Xbox 360 match up? Glenn responded:

"The whole industry knows it's been a challenge; the PS3's a very complex piece of equipment. On one hand it's a challenge, on the other hand there's tremendous potential in that box. I think it's going to take developers a little while to figure out how to unlock that power.

We've got games coming out now where we feel we've hit maybe 20 per cent of the potential of PlayStation 3. We know the power's there, but like any new platform it's going to take us a little bit of time to unleash it.

Was it more complex than we were expecting? Yes, probably; there were some challenges that we didn't expect. We've got tremendous confidence long-term that it's going to be a phenomenal games machine."

So to find that EA has only tapped into 20% of the PS3's power, you look at games like Fight Night Round 3 with amazing graphics and realistic facial animations, it makes you wonder what the PS3 will have in store for us in the future. Like Glenn said,"...We know the power's there, but like any new platform it's going to take us a little bit of time to unleash it."

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JIN KAZAMA4332d ago

But remember, you suck as a game developer, and are jsut all about the money. So, in all honesty, you probably only use 20% of every consoles power, because you just make the game as fast as possible, ship it out, and hope for a profit. You suck.

Zhoutai4332d ago

EA games is a really good brand. I love most of their games, regardless on which system they have their games for. I supported 007: Agent under fire, Night fire, and the MOH series. Not to mention EA Sports

Dlacy13g4332d ago

I actually agree with you on EA. Sure I enjoy many of their titles, but they tend to put out a ton of cookie cutter titles...namely their sports/racing...and MOH series. And honestly the MOH series much like Call of Duty is starting to show its age and lack of originality. Run...shoot...follow multiple paths that all lead to same and shoot some more.

EA has its good qualities...but I fear those are fewer now than the bad. I pray devs like Ubisoft don't get bought up by them.

specialguest4332d ago

EA will make fun games, but at the expense of quality control. EA is the type of company that will rush a game out in order to make holiday deadline, in order to capitolize on the huge holiday profits. even if it's not 100% ready and bug/error free.
bugs/errors(3pages full and probally more unrecorded):

NubreedLive4332d ago

yeah what the hell are you talking about man?? they're a great company... and its good to know they are supporting the PS3

Scrumptious4332d ago

keep in mind EA is using about the same percentage on the 360. The holy Grail of games. Gears of War, only uses 40 percent of the 360 hardware. Notice he didn't give any info on the 360. This is a desparate attempt to counter all the negative press about 360 being more powerful, as EA is in bed with Sony.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Is a multiplatform company and they are the best of the crop, much better than Ubisoft. Multiplatform companies develope for one console and port to the others and you can't blame them for that. It would be just too expensive to develope for all from the scratch. Let's just hope now they develope for the PS3 first as they got some experience with the PS3 and saw how much power it packs.
They got some badass politics, like not releaseing needed patches for PC games, but how can I hate EA when they released 2 greatest online games ever, namely BF 1942 and BF 2 and just bought the Crysis devs? I can't.