Five must-have Nintendo Wii games that you may have missed

Amongst the likes of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Kart there's whole host of other games on Wii that are more than worthy of a look.

Check out five of the must-have Nintendo Wii games that you may have missed.

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Smacktard4757d ago

Great top 5 list. I have all of them, except for WarioWare. I love them all too. Amazing games. I used to think I was paying too highly for Okami, Zack and Wiki, Boom Blox, and Geometry Wars... until I played them! Okami, Boom Blox, and Geometry Wars are definitely worth every full-priced dime I paid for them. Zack and Wiki, while still a great game, was worth the price-drop wait. Get/rent these games if you haven't already, Wii owners!

sumfood4u4757d ago

My reason why! Addictive & Creative= worth every penny! plus this video is whos winning the videogame War!

Smacktard4756d ago

Wow, you've got some dedication! Very nice though!

dolomite4757d ago

Actually, I would have to disagree with Warioware. Its one of the most dreadfull games I've played ever. Now, perhaps if you're playing with a group of people it may be ok...but otherwise...

Superfragilistic4757d ago

Play it drunk and it's a hell of a lot better! ;)

Smacktard4756d ago

They should've added a couple more games to the list: Mercury Meltdown Revolution & Blast Works