UI Scaling: An Issue PC Developers Need to Address

The PC gaming world is entering a golden age as computers get cheaper and stronger. But what about accessing great games of only a few years ago? AUTOMATON's Shehzaan Abdulla addresses the ugly issue of UI scaling.

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Blues Cowboy2813d ago

HEAR HEAR. Agree 100%, this has bugged me for years especially on consoles. Devs need to realise that they waste a huge amount of screen space and can make reading text/using interfaces incredibly uncomfortable.

Rocky52813d ago

I'm finding that specific issue with the Witcher 3 :-/ the menu txt is so damn small I have to squint to read it & that's on a 46" TV sitting 5ft away.

Roccetarius2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

As long as things like text has a seperate option for scaling, then i'm all for developers waking up and realising that something needs to be done about this.

Come to think of it, the first game i had this happen with was Tomb Raider on PC with 4K DSR enabled.

Takwin2813d ago

They develop for consoles, no matter how many of us get amazing graphics cards. We already have whole developers and studios practically dropping out of AAA entirely, let alone having a PC-first mentality.

Kickstarter and some rare exceptions is where PC-first ideas are headed.