Disney Infinity 2.0 for PS Vita Unboxing

WholesomeGamer: "Join us for a look at what you get inside the box of the newly released PlayStation Vita version of Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes. The game has an exclusive figure along with some other goods to start you out on your Disney Infinity adventure."

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ThatMiamiGuy1912d ago

I've never been a Disney Infinity guy but those Marvel figures are nice. I wouldn't mind picking up the Black Suit Spidey. But do I really want to play the game? Is it worth it? I guess I wouldn't pay $60 just for the figure.

Has anyone played it?

SoundGamer1912d ago

Currently doing a playthrough. It seems okay for kids but unless you really, really want to play the game, I might hold back on it until a price drop.

Firebird3601911d ago

I'm 32, so is my wife. We play it daily, it's similar to the lego games. Easy for adults but if you like the characters and think the figures are cool, you can get hooked on it. it can be tedious and repetitive at times but I still enjoy it.