Video for cancelled Doom 4 revealed

A video for the cancelled Doom 4 has been revealed - and it shows a very different take on id Software's iconic first-person shooter series.

Development on Doom 4 was restarted after the earlier version failed to hit the mark. The Doom 4 initially in production at id was simply "not Doom 4", publisher Bethesda's marketing exec Pete Hines said in 2013. Based on the video, we can see what he means.

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hennessey863353d ago

Watching that all I could think of was gears of war

holysmokesbatman3353d ago

Man, that music though, sounds like someone spiked Steve via with a bad acid trip, actually made the visuals seems worse!

Looking forward to seeing DOOM 4.5, I was a huge fan of DOOM3 and the expansion (forget what it was called?)

ArchangelMike3352d ago

Yeah I think they should do that actually. Rage wasnt as bad as everyone made it out to be. That said I did trade it in once I completed it though... but... yeah!

fastNslowww3353d ago

in what way exactly? it isn't a 3rd person...check, it doesn't have all male characters and steriods....check, it does have a filter and chaotic look to that of some of the level design in gears 2 but thats about it...???

WonderboyIII3353d ago

Looks like Killzone fuck3d gears of the war and this is the child.

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Gazondaily3353d ago

Whats up with some of the textures in the gameplay bit? Looks cack but some of the CGI stuff looks wicked.

Well it doesn't feel like Doom...more like a cross between Rage, COD and an expired falafel so its a good thing it got cancelled.

Doom is all about hell, raw to the core frickin skeletons with limbs coming out of their urethra and demonic symbols, BFG's and hummus. (I'm really hungry).

xer03352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

For our American and European readers, 'Cack' is slang for bad, rubbish, awful.

#cheekynandos ;-)

On topic... I'm glad this version got cancelled.
It looks awful.

Geobros3353d ago

Looks very different that a Doom game.

Fireseed3352d ago

Keep in mind Doom 2 actually took place on Earth and this technically is a Doom 3 sequel which was confusingly enough a Doom 1 re telling. So all in all this Doom will be on Earth.

G3n3raL863353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Call of Resistance: Gears of Metro. Or something equivelant.