The Bard's Tale IV Will Be inXile's New Kickstarter Project, Will Be Powered by Unreal Engine 4

inXile Entertainment announced today that it will return to Kickstarter for their next big cRPG project, The Bard’s Tale IV, launching Monday June 2nd at 6 AM PST/13:00 UTC.

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MilkMan1252d ago

Damn Brian, Thank you for not giving up on us. You better believe Ill be there to support you and Im sorry about what happened to Interplay. I loved you guys then and I love your work now.
See you in Skara Brae.

TedCruzsTaint1252d ago

I love that Kickstarter can be used for talented developers such as them to get their ideas out there.

That said, this will be their third project. They did very well with Wasteland 2, and Torment aims to do just as well, if not better.
If Bard's Tale does well for them, I really think it will be time for them to take their earnings and finance their next project themselves.

Just my two cents.

TheColbertinator1252d ago

Been a long time but Inxile is on my radar once again

funkybudda1252d ago

I hope this is a party-based RPG, I dont want any single player RPG.

KryptoniteTail1252d ago

Loved Bard's Tale on PS2. Hoping this happens.