The Best of E3 2008: Blast Magazine

From Blast Magazine:
"Okay, so it wasn't the most surprising, awe-inspiring E3 ever, but we had a great time and saw some amazing things.

We witnessed a revitalized Atari, a ballsy Electronic Arts and the peak of the music game fad."

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MK_Red5842d ago

Fallout 3 wins yet another award. Can't wait.

beavis4play5842d ago

i'm starting to get the hint you like fallout games ? just kidding; i know you do. and with good reason. this one looks pretty good, but i hope that music they were playing in demo won't be in the game. i didn't like that.

MK_Red5842d ago

Thanks :)
The music was coming from a local radio station that Pipboy (The thing on characters wrist) recieved. You can change the channel or turn the whole thing off.

Those oldish themes similair to some classic Fallout games since they also used them to give a 50s Nuclear fear theme. Fallout 3 has them as well as some original and more modern tunes. Check out the main Fallout 3 theme:


Cancelled Fallout game gets turned into mod while everyone waits for London's release

Fallout: Yesterday is the re-imagining of the cancelled Fallout 3 game, and it looks awesome.

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I Have A Confession, I Like The Fallout 3 Green Filter

The game looks too clean without it.

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isarai62d ago

How about you actually SHOW wtf you're talking about

Nacho_Z61d ago

Always annoying when articles do that.

I agree with them that the tv show was a bit on the clean side. They got loads right regarding set design etc but there's room for improvement.

gold_drake61d ago

i dont. it hurts my eyes. but im fairly ssensitive when it comes to that sort of stuff.

RyanWritesGood21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Every Fallout seems to have their own color palate... New Vegas is basically brown, while 3 is green and gray. It's only 76 that has a robust color palate.

3 just isn't 3 without the green.


Amazon Prime Gaming May 2024 Games Lineup Looks Highly Promising

Amazon has announced its gaming lineup for May 2024 and it is one of the better months especially if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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Retroman75d ago

I have Amazon Prime hardly ever use it and these games will not make me jump back to Prime.
Only use Prime for discounts on shipping.

Retroman75d ago

Games line-up looks Highly Promising.
Yeah if you Never played those games before.
or you just started gaming for the First time in your life it would seem "Promising "